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Trailrunner 2

rated 2 of 5 stars A well designed tent for camping, but definitly not for strong wind or mountain, unless you want to sleep under a collapsed tent. The quality is so-so, Lowland has recalled the 2003 product because the quality problem, I'll give back my tent to them, and bought a HIlleberg. I don't want to mention the difference. Lowland is actually Birdland, as mentioned here trailspace.com/gear/lowland/ Full review

Trailrunner 2

rated 4 of 5 stars I just want to mention that Lowland is not called Birdland, they are separate companies. maybe that they work together. About the tent, I'm about to sell it, but with pain in my heart. It's a very nice tent, easy to put up, very low profile design. I used it as a one-person tent, used the excess room in the inner tent for storage, and with the low weight, you can. Also tried it with two persons, then your feet will be close together, but still room enough for two. I really like the bikini-top. When… Full review

Trailrunner 2

rated 1 of 5 stars The description of the several lowland tents seems good on internet, so I want to try a lowland tent from a friend, but his Trailrunner 2 is broken during a summer night. As we really want to try their tent, I phone the Lowland (which is called actually Bird land), Mr Marcel Besamer told me that he can manage to send a tent to us, as we are a student climbing association. And I just to have to send him our address. After received our address and my name, Mr Besamer changed idea, no more tent. I… Full review


rated 3 of 5 stars The Conquest I bought had a bug in its construction; The walls were cut too short which caused that the groundsheet did not touch the ground properly. It also resulted in very high stresses on the seams and the zippers. This was also the opinion of the outdoor shop (a major Dutch Lowland dealer) where I bought the tent. For whatever reason, the manufacturer disagreed with us. After 5 weeks of waiting the shop returned me my money. I had the tent less than a week in my possession. A proper Conquest… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars This is a remarkable tent. The Lowland Mountaintracker, Mountain Hardwear 2/3.1,TNF Ambition 35 and TNF VE25 were on my list. I decided on the Lowland because of the very high quality fabrics they use. If you wanted a TNF VE25 forget it and buy the Mountaintracker. This tent is lighter, better ventilation and has a much stronger groundfloor than the others mentioned. The shape of the inner tent is also more practical than the hexagonal VE25. Performs very well in strong winds, snow and heavy rain. Full review

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