Mammut Brecon II GTX



Great Boot! Always loved my Raichle boots over the…

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Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $229


Great Boot!


  • Fits well right out of box

Always loved my Raichle boots over the last 30 years. They sold to Mammut a few years ago.

I thought I would never see Raichles again...until I went to REI and tried these on. Lifted the tongue of the boot, and there was a Raichle logo!

I was home again! Boot fit like a glove, wore them out of the store, around for the next few days. Comfortable and supportive... Not one problem.

The tongue clip is perfect. The lace hooks hold the laces tight.

My last Raichles I bought in 2007. They lasted until 2014. The sides of the heel (sole) opened up.

They got a little soft and lost some support. Were not as waterproof as they used to be. But were a very good boot the first 5 years or so.

This Mammut boot is identical with some improvements to my last Raichle pair.