Mammut Tusk 9.8 mm

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The Mammut Tusk SuperDry Duodess is like a new car tricked out with all the options: sun roof, factory mats, and sound system. The 9.8 mm Tusk is a svelte rope with precision features, like bi-color braiding for an intuitive halfway mark, SuperDry(TM) dry treatment, and it's available in 60 or 70 meter lengths...-- 9.8 mm pays out smoothly in your Grigri-- Duodess changes color and braid pattern so you won't loose the halfway mark and intuitively know which side is which-- Blends lightness with durability-- SuperDry(TM) finishing dry treatment offers safety in wet weather and increases overall durability-- Core with 11 inlays, 40 clappers-- 60 m length is standard, consider 70m if your crag is eroded, you frequent long modern sport routes, or if you'd like to trim the ends for extended rope life - OMCgear