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I researched the web for ages before buying these…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: 280 euro

I researched the web for ages before buying these boots. It's hard to find good info, and these few reviews below were a large part of what decided me on the purchase.

They are funny boots to place in modern line ups — old-school mountaineering boots built (yes they are "built" not made...) with pride and skill. There are plastics in this class, and more common nowadays your Scarpas and La Sportivas which are purpose built, light, and stiff.  But these are olden day "real" mountaineering boot which are in a do-it-all category while being top of the line in the Meindl line up. As said in other reviews if you are over 200 lbs these are the perfect boots for you, so stop looking, and buy these.

The quality cannot be faulted. The materials and skill in construction are second to none. They are very stiff, B3 boots, and built with attention to detail. They are heavy, so you need to be a "quad walker", i.e., someone with strong legs.  The sole does flex a little, so you will be happy hill walking or alpine climbing in them, but again, really only if you are a large fella over 200lbs.

They are a boot for those that appreciate quality and do-it-all ability, but willing to sacrifice some of the modern construction and fabrics. Once you buy these boots, you'll never buy another type, I'm super confident in that statement.

My Super Perfekts have now been through the break-in period, and have done a few alpine trips as well as including some typical Welsh scrambles, walking around town (to break them in) and some Haute Routes and over 4km ascents on AD+, and I love them. Super stiff, and once broken in, super-duper comfortable. They are now the most comfortable footwear I own, bar none, and all of a sudden my expensive approach shoes seem redundant.

Search the web, find this short review and buy them.  Old school, heavy leather boots with no place in the modern lineup of boots, but are the best thing you will buy for the mountain.

For truly great service and prices try using Wildnessport in Germany. I don't work for them or have any association, but in the world of internet buying they offer the service and personal touch which is rare to find.


Just an update seeing I found this page after two years! The boots are still going strong, and still love them. Some of my friends have been through a pair of lesser boots in that time, where I am just now thinking about replacing the soles. They are definitely old-skool boots, but if you are into that you cannot go wrong :)

3 years ago

Just Perfect hiking boots. It will take a few days…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: 274 euro

Just Perfect hiking boots. It will take a few days to get used to them, they are quite heavy (just like me, I'm 250 pound)!

Once used to walk with these boots you'll be surprised about the comfort! The roughest terain is like a walk in the park with this boots. I just bought (I paid 274 euro in Holland) my second pair because my first pair finally "died" after 14 years of daily use! 

Properly waxed they are perfect in dry conditions and also in a moist enviroment. I've used them in Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Peru, Cambodia, Australia and all over Europe. I have patched them a few times and resoled them about every three years.

These are the last hiking boots you will ever buy, once you tried them you'll never be satisfied with lesser boots. In my opinion they are very good value for money, they last at least up to ten years (daily use) so they cost you about 40 euro each year including patching and resoling.

These Boots are Perfect just as the name says.

Peter Hyatt

Hubert, I'm with you. I have planned on months of slow break in, and am quite surprised how comfortable they really are. Yes, as you said, they take any surface given to them, and absorb the shock handily. What is surprising is how comfortable they are for walking around the house. Like you, I have a few pounds on me (often 185lbs in winter) and recommend them for hiking boots for any man of substantial weight. I started with the Meindl Sil-Proof but I don't want to lose the beauty of the brown leather, so I switched to Meindl sport wax and can stand in several inches of water without any issue. These are wonderfully supportive, strong, long lasting, and beautiful. I hope you can update your review.

2 years ago

I bought my first pair of serious hiking boots (Meindl)…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Materials: leather
Use: you name it - everything!
Break-in Period: short
Weight: not light
Price Paid: CAN $500

I bought my first pair of serious hiking boots (Meindl) in the mid 1970's and had them resoled several times at least. I always treated them properly, and they held up and performed for OVER THIRTY YEARS!!!

I have learned over time that one's gear can make or break a trip and that there is a huge difference in "cost" versus "value". If comfort, support, warmth, and dry feet are important then there is no better value available than Meindl.

Meindl were my first proper pair of boots and will likely be my last ... if I'm still going in my 80's!


These are the best hiking boots ever made. Better…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Materials: leather
Use: rough trail
Break-in Period: 2-3 weeks/3-4h/day
Weight: 1,5 kg each
Price Paid: 270€

These are the best hiking boots ever made. Better then Meindl Perfekts. (I have two pairs of reg. Perfekts.) If you are over 200 lb there is nothing in the world that will suit you better. You can use the Super Perfekt for anything then the Perfekt but the Super Perfekt will not soften out so much as the Perfekt do. The sole is not 100% stiff so you can use it for longer walks.

Peter Hyatt

peter, any update on the Meindl?

2 years ago

In every lifetime there are things you never will…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars

In every lifetime there are things you never will forget. One of these things are Super-Perfekts. Once you bought them you love them more every day. I have two pairs; one pair for every day and one for Sundays and church.


I bought what essentially is the Super Perfekt model…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Materials: all leather, foam cushion between leather
Use: rough trail and anything except jogging!
Break-in Period: 1-2 weeks, a couple of hours a day
Weight: I have size 15, about 1 Kilo each
Price Paid: 1500FF ($300)

I bought what essentially is the Super Perfekt model of today about nine years ago before making an expedition to Ethiopia.

I had been used to buying new hiking boots every year. I have called these the best shoes ever made. I have patched them a few times and resoled them in Alaska and Mexico. They are absolutely the best boots ever made.

Even though my original pair is still in good condition I am looking forward to tracking down another pair. My friend is going to Germany and I am counting on him getting me another pair.


I used them in Norway: Their name says it all! Perfect…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Materials: Leather
Use: rough trail also with crampons
Break-in Period: 1 hard week (1-2 hrs per day)
Weight: + 1,5 kg
Price Paid: 450 DM

I used them in Norway: Their name says it all! Perfect in very difficult terrain, stiff enough to use crampons (no step - ins!!) for snow field crossing and glacier walks (up to ~ 30 - 40°).

If waxed properly, they are waterproof; strong leather (+ 3 mm). Comfortable on longer walks (20 km), because sole is not 100% stiff, BUT: not suitable for jogging: they are quite heavy!

They need their break-in period!!!!!!!!! After that, you´ll fly over the bolders!

Meindl Super Perfekt

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