Mountain House Beef Stew

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Weight 0.46 lb
Servings 2.5
Serving Size 1 cup



I was kind of hoping for more. When I think beef stew…

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I was kind of hoping for more.


  • lot of veggies
  • light
  • easy


  • bland

When I think beef stew I think a hearty Irish stew with a thick gravy and large chunks of meat, potatoes and vegetables. I know that it is easier to freeze dry small, uniform pieces than large chunks, but the 1/4 inch cubes reminded me of caned soup and not a hearty dinner. The broth was a thin brown gravy that didn't stick to the noodles I served with this. The stew didn't taste bad, it just made me think of canned beef soup that was strained with only a little of the gravy left.

All the negativity aside, this wasn't bad considering it didn't weigh that much and all I did for cooking was heat some water and wait ten minutes. It filled us up and did not have any off favors. As for portion size I would NOT serve this alone as a meal for two.  After a day for hiking my nine-year-old son and I ate this and four ramman noddle packets (OK, he ate three and I managed to get one out of his hands). 

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Visit Mountain House's Beef Stew page.

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MOUNTAIN HOUSE #10 TIN CANS: 10 Servings (1 cup each). Item not available for International Shipment.


Hearty, instant beef stew with potatoes, onions, carrots and peas.


Hauling a tin can into the backcountry isn't practical, but the two-and-a-half one-cup servings inside the Mountain House Beef Stew supplies you with the same savory taste at a fraction of the weight. After a long hike in or a dozen trad pitches, the beef, potatoes, vegetables, and rich sauce starts calling your name from its 4. 3-ounce package stuffed neatly into your pack.


Two adult servings of hearty, freeze-dried beef stew. Perfect for backpacking or travel.