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Explorer DSLR Sling Camera Bag

rated 4 of 5 stars An affordable, sling-style camera bag that is good for carrying your camera equipment on short hikes in the mountains or anywhere. I love to bring my camera (and associated gear) with me when I go on short hikes. I used to carry my camera bag in my hand (or over my shoulder) and it was getting awkward and heavy for me. I wanted a hands-free (or a backpack-style bag) to carry my equipment with me and make my hikes more enjoyable. I discovered the National Geographic bag and I was very interested. Full review

The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide

rated 5 of 5 stars One of the better books on outdoor gear supported by personal insights based on experience. I've reached the point where I'm fairly gear-literate. I know about tarps vs tents, quilts vs sleeping bags, leaving unnecessary gear behind to save weight, etc etc etc.  But what I found refreshing about Mr. Skurka's book (Andrew--does he ever go by Andy?) is APPLICATION. That's where I am in my outdoor development, I want to know from those who have logged a few thousand (or few ten-thousands) of miles… Full review

The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide

rated 5 of 5 stars Great read! Flows nicely with great stories intermingled in the writing. I will definitely be checking back with this book to keep my pack light and get me closer to ultimate hiker status. I always thought I was a hiker at heart but this book changed my mind. With the amount of comfort items that I haul with me everywhere I would sit firmly in the camper realm. With a desire to increase my distances while camping I have started using the tips in this book to lighten my load and make my adventures… Full review

The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Regardless of whether you are a trail novice or a seasoned trail veteran there is something for everyone in this gear guide that can be adopted into one's practices while on your backcountry journeys. I highly recommend that anyone that has a love for being in the backcountry to take a few moments and seriously consider reading this book. I recently had the opportunity to read National Geographic's The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide by Andrew Skurka and I have to say I am quite impressed... So… Full review

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Win your copy of Andrew Skurka's "Gear Guide"
Want to learn how long-distance hiker Andrew Skurka takes care of his feet? What he uses to purify water? We're giving away three copies of Skurka's "The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide," thanks to National Geographic. Read more
March 26, 2012

Win a copy of Andrew Skurka's "Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide"
Want to be an ultimate hiker, or just gain some outdoor skills and gear tips from the guy who is? We're giving away three copies of long-distance adventurer Andrew Skurka's The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide, thanks to National Geographic. Read more
March 16, 2012

Skurka Shares How to Make a Living as an Adventurer
"Andrew Skurka's "Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide," not only described a new guidebook, it got members thinking about how one makes a living as a professional adventurer. Skurka responded with a blog, "How I Make a Living as an Adventurer." Read more
January 11, 2012

Andrew Skurka's "Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide"
Many would jump at the chance to hike alongside professional adventurer and super-long-distance hiker Andrew Skurka. Now Skurka shares his backcountry know-how in "The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide: Tools & Tips to Hit the Trail." Read more
January 9, 2012

New in our Gear Guide: Books, Maps, Software
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November 24, 2009


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