Nite Ize CamJam Cord Tightener

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This is definitely a handy tool to have around the…

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This is definitely a handy tool to have around the campsite. It clips on to about anything and allows you to tie down and tighten rope without any knots! It is quick to tighten and quick to release.


  • Quick to use
  • Quick release
  • No knots required
  • Holds tight tensions
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic construction

The CamJam has become one of those products that I always have hooked on to my gear because I always want it with me when I'm camping. One thing that I cannot stand is having a knot tighten up too much much to where it's near impossible to get undone. Also, it's kind of frustrating when you have something hanging or relying on a knot and the knot comes untied. The CamJam makes cord tightening and release a breeze! I've used them for so many different things such as: 

  • clothes line
  • ridge line above hammock
  • rain tarp tension
  • truck bed tie down

The CamJam comes in handy for basically anything that you need to adjust tension on a cord for. All you do is run the cord end through the hole on the CamJam and pull it down (see video). To release the cord, you just pull the chord out of the tightening mechanism. No Knots, No Hassle!

The CamJam is made out of plastic which seems like it could wear out easily, although I have never had one to not function properly. I have had mine set up in rain, sun and cold and it seems to withstand the elements. 

I think that you will be very satisfied with this product and will be able to find many uses for it. It is one of those products that just makes life easier! 


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