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Perfect for my alcohol stove. I have been experimenting…

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Perfect for my alcohol stove.


  • Handle on top where you wouldn't burn yourself
  • Ideal for solo hike
  • Light weight


  • Not as lightweight as a titanium pot of equal size

I have been experimenting with different alcohol stoves and couldn't seem to get my boil times under 8 minutes using the Snow Peak titanium 700ml pot. So when a friend suggested a larger diameter pot may be the trick I started shopping.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a kettle (meaning large bottom) made out of titanium. So the next best was hard aluminum and I found this Optimus kettle. I have now put it through some testing and the results are great. I now have two cups of water to a boil in a little over 4 minutes with my cobalt stove.

Thanks, Optimus.

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