Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cookset


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I was able to heat water to a boil in about 1/2 the…

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Source: bought it new
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I was able to heat water to a boil in about 1/2 the time as when I used my GSI Dualist pot. Obviously the heat exchanger bottom really works.


  • Compact size yet holds fuel canister, stove, lighter, and spoon
  • Heat exchanger makes for faster boil time
  • Versatile lid can be used to cook or to drink


  • None

I have carried the GSI Dualist for years but really did not need the bows, cup, etc. The first time out with the Optimus Terra HE I liked it.  I just finished a 3-day section hike on the AT with my grandson and we had plenty of hot water for both of us for every meal of Mountain House

The quick boil times, even with temps in the 20's save a lot of fuel.  The lid fits snugly enough to hold everything inside for packing. The coated handles on the pot and lid never got hot. Needless to say, I am very happy with this cookset.

Ben Rivers

is the pot with the heat exchanger designed specifically for an Optimus stove or can it be used with any stove?

3 years ago

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