Well insulated mitt for extreme cold, but finicky…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 200CAD


Well insulated mitt for extreme cold, but finicky liner.


  • Well insulated
  • Well built
  • Leather palm
  • Gauntlet with cinch strap on cuff
  • Suited for extreme cold


  • Finicky liner

This review is of an older model OR Alti Mitt, age is about 8 yrs old. For years these were my final defense against extreme cold experienced in the far north. During temperatures in excess of minus 40°C I can’t say my hands were toasty warm, but then I also did not suffer any frozen digits. They are insulated with Primaloft insulation both in the liner and the back of the shell. The inside palm has Moonlite Pile.

My initial assessment was that they were thinner than I had anticipated but proved in time to be adequate for the job. Dexterity was okay for a mitt of this type, remembering of course that the primary function of the mitt is to keep your hands warm, not to do needle point. The cut is roomy with a curved shape which aids in dexterity and prevents excess material balling up when you try to grasp something.

I chose an XL in order to wear a liner glove inside. The leather palm area is much preferred to the Alti Gloves’ AlpenGrip. Leather, if it is properly tanned and treated, far outlasts AlpenGrip in my opinion and in extreme cold, such as these mitts were designed for, the leather stays supple and does not crack.


I wore these mitts as is on a 600km trip from Fort McPherson to Mayo, Yukon, during the late winter and, although I never froze, there were times I wished for a bit more insulation in them. Perhaps the main problem I have found with these is the red liner is shorter than the outer and is held in place with small pieces of Velcro.

When the liner becomes the least bit wet it tends to tear free from the Velcro and ball up inside the outer mitt when I put them on. This has caused me all kinds of grief in the cold when all I want to do is get my hands warm again. I have found that by putting the liner on my hands first and then inserting it into the outer I could eliminate this problem for the most part. But, even so, it is a process to be worked out.



For my most recent trip I replaced the liner all together with an aftermarket VBL liner also insulated with Primaloft (shown in first picture). The one big advantage with this is the fact that it too was a gauntlet design matching perfectly the length of the Alti Mitt. With the addition of some Velcro at the opening of the mitt I eliminated the problem of the liner when wet. I also added the benefit of the VBL which adds a little more warmth and prevents the insulation from getting wet.

Overall, though, my experiences with the OR Alti Mitt have been positive. They have served me well throughout our long winters for many years. Even without the aftermarket liners, most people should find them perfectly suitable in most cold weather applications.  


North, when it comes to cold weather gear, I'm taking your word as absolute truth!

4 years ago
Go Time! (Jesse Maloney)

As a Minnesotan, you are my new goto reviewer. It's rare reading about someone that has trail experience that makes MN look like the Riviera.

3 years ago

Thanks for the info on these mitts. I have OR GTX mitten shells that I've seam sealed and lined with either Dachstein boiled wool mittens or EMS double layer fleece mittens (no longer available)

16 days ago

BTW, either of my mitten liners feel nice and warm at -40 F. when I'm out for a few hours. In that temperature I need to breath through my PSOLAR mask to warm incoming air to protect my bronchial tubes.

16 days ago

If you absolutely need the warmest mitten available,…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $128


If you absolutely need the warmest mitten available, these are the gold standard as far as I am concerned. The combination of a windproof/waterproof shell with some synthetic insulation, a huge removable insulated mitt, well-designed idiot leashes, and a nicely-curved leather palm and thumb make these a winner. They are too warm for most weather and fairly bulky.


  • Super warm
  • Well-designed for very cold weather
  • Nice leather palms
  • Liners maximize use of hands for a mitt


  • Bulky, sacrificing hand dexterity
  • Expensive unless purchased on sale


My hands don't get particularly cold when i'm hiking, so i made do for years with other mittens and gloves.  on really cold days, i knew those other mitts would leave my hands a little cold.  a few years ago, i found these on sale and took the plunge.  i should have bought them years ago. 


I have used these on several hikes in and around the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the winter. 


First, they are without question the warmest winter hand wear i have used. worn with a pair of relatively thick glove liners, they have kept my hands happy in the worst weather.  -30, -35...they are fine.  i like the fact that the outer shell (windproof/waterproof gore tex on the back, nice grippy leather palm) includes some additional insulation on the back, primaloft, in addition to the mitten liner. 

second, they give you a surprisingly good feel for whatever is in your hand for a mitten designed for deep cold.  the liner has fleece between your fingers and the palm of your hand because it gives you a little better feel for an ice axe or trekking poles.  i also like that the palm and thumb have a good curve, makes them easier to wear and grab things.  having a removable liner makes them very easy to dry out.  i have had days where the liners were a little damp from sweat; i just remove them and sleep with them in my bag, and they dry overnight. 

third, the leashes, necessary in bad weather, are both easy to use with mittens via a large disk that tightens them and highly visible because they have light-reflective strands woven into the leash. 

fourth, the pull cord that seals the gauntlet is easy to use with mittens on, with one hand. 

fifth, the gore tex shells work - well-taped, they don't leak. i chopped ice away from a spring that runs year-round in the white mountains, ended up with quite a bit of water all over the mitten shells in sub-zero weather.  the mitts were sheathed in ice; my hands were dry and happy.

sixth, they are made very well.  no failures, no loose stitching, nothing has torn or ripped, despite fairly significant contact with brush, rocks, and ice, and having spent quite a bit of time gripping the head and shaft of an ice axe.


Apparently, the shells have a pocket somewhere to hold small hand heat packs; i have never used those. 


The only downsides, for me, are that these are very bulky and too warm for temperatures much above zero, unless you have circulatory problems.  while the shell can be worn alone with lighter gloves, the shells are fairly large to accommodate the big mitten insert and a little baggy to wear with thinner gloves alone.  also, they cost an awful lot unless you find them on sale. 


If you hike or ski in sub-zero weather and want to keep your fingers intact, and if you want something that will last a long time, these are well worth it. 


Excellent gloves. I just received this product and…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $105


Excellent gloves.


  • Well made
  • Super warm
  • Great price


  • Not fingered gloves
  • Expensive if not on sale

I just received this product and I had to review it!  I specialize in cold weather hiking/camping, I train at Mount Washington, N.H., and am going to Nepal in 2016.  I need a glove that will give me extremely good warmth and these gloves deliver. Unbelievably well made and the Polortec leaved my hands sweating right when I put them on.


Hi Craft. I hope you'll update us on how the Alti Mitts perform for you on Mt. Washington this winter and in Nepal.

2 years ago

Very frank and objective review. I Own OR GTX shells to wear over my EMS double layer fleece mittens or Dachstein boiled wool mittens. The Dachstein mittens inside the shells were very warm at -40F. I thinhk my layering method is better than the liners that OR provided with the mittens you reviewed. PLUS I am decidely NOT a fan of any iteration of Primaloft. Climashield would have been a better synthetic insulation choice for OR to have made.

11 months ago

I only had these in around zero degree F temps but…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $200

I only had these in around zero degree F temps but they were incredible. When I topped the mountain I was hit with a very cold arctic wind and the fleece gloves I was wearing did nothing. By the time I could drop my pack and get these mitts my hands were numb.

I did not have the dexterity to use my hands to put the mitts on and had to use my teeth. Once I had these mitts on, my hands were able to recover quickly and stay toasty warm.

I don't think the zero degree F temps I experienced was really a challenge for the mitts. These mitts are very well made and I would not hesitate to buy them again.

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