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Recent Outfitting Gear Reviews

GCI Outdoor SitBacker

rated 3.5 of 5 stars This canoe seat offered excellent back comfort during a five-day paddling wilderness adventure. Its light weight and thoughtful design made it easily portagable without having to take it in and out of the canoe. Recommended. This SitBacker canoe seat was a lifesaver on my five-night, six-day wilderness paddling adventure. I was with my grandsons and they were in the front and back of the canoe leaving me to occupy the center seat. It took me a couple days to realize that the portage shoulder cushions… Full review

Seals Extreme Tour Sprayskirt

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Good skirt. Without suspenders, the tunnel slides down whether I use it over a dry top under one or especially when used with a tunnel top then water pools and leaks on my lap. It seems you have to use the suspenders. A bit of a bummer because my Kokatat dry top with a tunnel cover seemed like such a good idea. Neoprene deck seems tough and stays on the kayak well.This is a good skirt just not the right thing for cold water surfing or rolling.  Full review

Crazy Creek Canoe Chair III

rated 4 of 5 stars Comfy. Works both on the canoe and on the ground (as a camp chair). Use on the Water, Easy As 1, 2, 3:      1.  Click straps under the seat.      2.  Adjust side strap lengths.      3.  Paddle all day. Use in Camp.  Decent ground-bound chair or kneeling pad. I'm trying to figure out a simple, cheap, lightweight way to raise it up 6-8" into more of a chair.  (Maybe using old tent poles to hold it up, maybe sling it somehow....) Use inside a Tent.  Like most foam pads products, can… Full review

Crazy Creek Canoe Pad III

rated 2 of 5 stars My webbed canoe seat is not adjustable, and sometimes I like a bit more height, and sometimes I like a bit of padding on long trips. This canoe pad was low-priced, and was bought to replace a homemade pad I had been using. However, I found this pad to be rock hard, very uncomfortable,and I have actually replaced it with a better pad. I saw that this seat was  advertised as having 1" thick  "memory foam", and thought it might be comfortable but not too squishy. Well, the "memory foam" is only the… Full review

Sea to Summit Solution Gear Access Deck Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars I love this deck bag and once attached with velcro and straps it is so sturdy I can open it easy with one hand and no movement from bag at all. Great idea of dry bag that velcro tabs inside so can be removed if one desires. Also great to have bungees on top of bag for extra storage. Full review

Snap Dragon Design White Water EXP Reinforced

rated 5 of 5 stars Gold standard in skirts. That is the gold standard for kayak skirts. Quality is great, materials and execution are really, really good. If you take care of it (i.e. rinse it after every outing and after the pool), it can last for a long time. I wash mine in shampoo and both of mine are in a good shape. I use them for sea kayaking and they perform well. If any cons, that would be a website, I think it is begging to be updated. But if I had to choose between a flashy website and a great skirt, the… Full review

Seals Sneak Sprayskirt

rated 5 of 5 stars Perfect for my needs. Great splash protection on moderate paddles and helps to extend my paddle season. I used the Sneak for the first time on a cool 33 degree Black Friday paddle on the Brandywine Creek for 15 miles. I had the normal paddle drips and did a few wave fields with splash onto the deck. Without the sprayskirt I would have been wet. What water that didn't just run off of skirt ran off by lifting the center a bit. I really like the zipper access to the cockpit for drink and snack. Full review

Sea to Summit Solution Gear Access Deck Bag

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Good deck bag for keeping bare essentials at hand. Minimizes wind/water drag over bulkier designs. I've used this deck bag in high-wind situations, where a more bulky design would have caught and created excess weather-cocking. The bag was big enough for a small 1st aid kit, beach blanket, and my point & shoot camera. There was room for some small snacks and a water bottle, too. There is an internal framesheet that keeps the rounded shape of the bag. This also makes it harder to stow-away, as… Full review

Louis Garneau Explorer B-16 Panniers

rated 4.5 of 5 stars These panniers for cycling are great for their money. The only bad thing is the bungee cord on the bottom. It is very weak. This set of panniers are made for mounting on the rear rack of a bike. I do recommend these. The extra light attaching points on the back are a good idea, though I've never used them. I've had my panniers about four months. Full review

Top-Rated Outfitting Gear

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Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers
$8 - $11
NRS Taj M'Haul Deck Bag Deck Bag
$8 - $99
Harmony Drain Plug Kit
Ocean Kayak Scupper Valves M - 2-Pack
Cascade Creek Yakclips
Sea to Summit Deck Cargo Net Deck Bag
$17 - $24
Sevylor Skeg
Harmony Seat Truss Hardware Kit
$17 MSRP
NRS Padz Kayak Heel Ankle Pads Canoe/Kayak Pad
Harmony Deck Rigging Kit
Padz / NSI Kayak Seat Pad Canoe/Kayak Pad
NRS Deck Rigging Kit
$20 MSRP
user rating: 2 of 5 (1)
Crazy Creek Canoe Pad III Paddling Accessory / Seat
$21 MSRP
NRS Padz Kayak Pro Hip Pads Canoe/Kayak Pad
NRS Bowline Bag
$23 - $34
Harmony Bow Flotation Bag : Kayak Flotation Device
SealLine Kayak Thigh Support Cushion Seat
SealLine Discovery Kayak Back Rest Seat
Harmony Keepers Footbrace Kit
NRS Split Bow Float Bag Flotation Device
Seattle Sports Paddling Half Skirt Spray Skirt/Deck
NRS Sea Kayak Mesh Deck Bag Deck Bag
$35 - $69
NRS Split Kayak Flotation Flotation Device
Harmony Stern Flotation Bag : Playboat Flotation Device
Granite Gear Bow Bag Deck Bag
Harmony Stern Flotation Bag : Kayak Flotation Device
NRS Rodeo Split Stern Flotation Flotation Device
Seals Splash Deck Spray Skirt/Deck
$30 - $49
NRS Seat Pad Seat
$31 MSRP
Seals Cockpit Seal Spray Skirt/Deck
Harmony Kid's Paddling Seat Seat
$31 - $44
Harmony Confluence Cockpit Cover Spray Skirt/Deck
NRS Deluxe Cockpit Cover Spray Skirt/Deck
$34 - $44
Harmony 5" Kayak Hatch Kit
Sea to Summit Sun Deck Spray Skirt/Deck
NRS Deck Bag Deck Bag
Aire Thwart Pump Bag
NRS Basic Nylon Sprayskirt Spray Skirt/Deck
$35 - $49
Harmony Slidelock Footbrace System
Harmony Web Canoe Seat Seat
Harmony Flotation Bag Set : Kayak Flotation Device
$36 - $79
NRS Infinity Float Bag Flotation Device
$36 - $39
SealLine Discovery Kayak Seat Cushion Seat
Tributary Tomcat Thwart Seat Seat
NRS MaverIK Kayak Foot Braces
Surf to Summit Sonic Kayak Back Band Seat
NRS Catalina Sprayskirt Spray Skirt/Deck
$38 - $59
Salamander Pro Hip Snaps Canoe/Kayak Pad
Seattle Sports EZ Kayak Seat Seat
Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag Deck Bag
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