Patagonia R1 Hoody


Weight 11.5 oz / 326 g
Fabric 6.8-oz Polartec Power Dry 93% Polyester, 41% Recycled / 7% Spandex



The R1 Hoody works out very well as a mid layer in…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new


The R1 Hoody works out very well as a mid layer in cool weather. This item is a staple in my pack when heading out on backpacking trips where I'll experience cool weather.


  • Great mid-layer insulation
  • Hood closes up insulate neck and chin


  • Doesn't block wind if worn stand-alone
  • Zipper has a somewhat awkward angle near the neck

I used to carry a traditional "fleece hoody" on my backpacking trips. I have found it's very helpful to have not just the extra layer, but that the hood provides significant extra comfort. However not only are they surprisingly heavy, but they are very bulky. In an attempt to solve these two issues, I did some research online and discovered the Patagonia R1 Hoody, and ordered it sight unseen.

When I received the hoody, I wondered whether it would really meet my needs. The material feels very light, and is quite thin compared to the traditional fleece hoody. However once I took it on a trip, and used it as a mid layer, my concerns were alleviated.

Mind you, this really is best as a layer. As it's very thin, it's not suitable for use on its own, unless you're exercising heavily (it does breath well), and definitely not on its own in windy weather (wind goes right through it). However as a layer, it seems to do a great job trapping the air, and provides a noticeable warmth, especially with the hood up.

I also discovered an unanticipated use for this hoody. Last summer the effects of the extra heavy snow the preceding winter were manifested in the form of exceptionally heavy mosquitoes. I applied a good coating of spray-on Permethrin before my trips. I found that the light fabric was not overly hot even in warm weather.  Yet with the Permethrin applied, it provided an effective barrier for the mosquitoes.

I would recommend the Patagonia R1 Hoody to anyone looking for a very light hoody for calm weather, for use (with Permethrin) as an insect deterrent, and of course as a great mid-layer in cool weather. 


This top is really warm. I used it with the Micro…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: don't remember


This top is really warm. I used it with the Micro Puff Vest in Nepal under my jacket and stayed toasty! Highly recommend it.


  • warm
  • light
  • hood doesn't suffocate when fully zipped


  • none

This top is a must have for anyone doing anything outside. It's warm, light weight, and while on the thinner side, don't let that fool you. It's super warm.

I recommend this top!!!!


I would have been using this for cold weather base…

Rating: rated 1.5 of 5 stars
Fabric: polartec power dry
Price Paid: $100

I would have been using this for cold weather base layer for mountain biking. Nice concept, hood too big. Should fit tightly, like a balaclava, but does not. Zips up to bottom of nose for great coverage, but too loose. Zipper seems to stick on the base of the wind flap, right about chin level or lower. Can not reproduce sticking when not wearing it. Weird.

Thumb holes in sleeves great idea but sleeves not quite long enough when using them. Fabric seems very, very flimsy, and seems as if it might rip or shred with the slightest abrasion, or if pulled a bit too hard. (I did not keep it long enough to find out) With a sale price nearly one third off, it still seemed too expensive for what it was. I think Patagonia should make a bit thicker outer layer and keep the hood snugger, and the sleeves longer.

I'll stick to a buff and a soft shell hat, with a quarter zip poly base layer that cost a fraction of this item. Other reviewers seem delighted with it, but I do not agree. There are so many alternatives that do not leave your wallet empty, and fit better.


After an uncomfortable, cold, drafty night on the…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Fabric: Synthetic Fleece
Price Paid: $100

After an uncomfortable, cold, drafty night on the trail in my 35-degree bag, I realized that sometimes my best sleeping bag will not prevent drafts in my ultralight tent from spoiling a good-night's sleep. I thought about turtle necks and warm hats, and balaclavas, and cringed at the thought of overlapping garments. That's when I realized that for sleeping, a snug hoody fleece would be the warmest and most-comfortable. When I got home and searched the web, I was lucky to find the Patagonia R1 Hoody top.

My first test was a camping trip to north Florida over the new year 2010, and so thought my 35-degree bag was all I needed. Needless to say, I didn't expect it to be quite so cold, and boy, was I unpleasantly surprised! Thank goodness I had the hoody!!! With my wool socks, long-johns top & bottom and the R1 hoody, I slept well and was comfortable all night. The hoody stopped drafts from hitting my bare skin and was the margin of warmth that kept me comfortable all night long.

Researching the hoody, I read that the R1 is sized snugly, so purchased my natural size--a large. The fit is perfect. The hood fits snugly around my neck and head, with a comfortable amount of elasticity. Besides sleepware, I found hoody is also extremely versatile, keeping me warm during cool days on the trail. It has replaced my Denali Jacket, relegating it to suburban duty while saving a half pound in weight.

Easily worth the money, the R1 Hoody is my new most-indispensable piece of gear.

Love it!!!


While not exactly a fashion item, the R1 Hoody is…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Fabric: R1 / Polartec® Power Dry®
Price Paid: 75€

While not exactly a fashion item, the R1 Hoody is very nice when it comes to lightweight hiking or climbing in cool or cold conditions. Actually, for the people who rarely bother to bring a second shirt to a trip, this is a gift from heaven. The hood replaces neck gaiter and hat or balaclava, making your kit list a little shorter, the long sleeves that end in thumb loops mean that you can survive with lighter gloves.

This shirt is thin compared to typical fleeces, and warm when compared to base layers. It can be worn either over a base layer or as a baselayer. If my hoody was not the last one in a sale, I might have gone for a bigger size - the fit is really snug and so my only option is to wear it as a baselayer, which I don't mind at all. Only when wet it is not as nice against skin as dedicated base layers, but once sweating stops, it dries off to a comfortable level fast enough. If it gets hot, the long zip is very effective for cooling.

To say something negative, the normal price tag might scare you away. And sad news for all the ladies out there: there is no women's model.

When going on a trip I bring two base layer shirts: a Hawaiian shirt for those lazy days in the sun and looking good in the pub after a day in the mountains, and R1 hoody for all other purposes.

A more thorough review by a well-known gear geek climber can be found here: