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Carbonator Bottle

rated 4 of 5 stars Pat's Backcountry Beverage Carbonator. I love sipping back a cold soda after a hard day's hike, climb, etc. but hate carrying the weight. With Pat's Backcountry Carbonator now you can have an ice cold soda without having to pack all the weight of a 6 pack. Beer is coming soon too! ¬† It's been a long hot hike and now it's time to settle down, camp is set up, sun is setting and the moon is rising. Suddenly you wish you had a cold¬†soda or an ice cold beer. Then you remember you've been drinking water… Full review

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Pat’s Backcountry Beverages is dedicated to bringing portable carbonated beverages (beer, soda, etc.) to adventurers and eco friendly outings around the world.


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