Pat's Backcountry Beverages Carbonator Bottle

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Pat's Backcountry Beverage Carbonator. I love sipping…

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Price Paid: $39.95 for Starter Kit


Pat's Backcountry Beverage Carbonator. I love sipping back a cold soda after a hard day's hike, climb, etc. but hate carrying the weight. With Pat's Backcountry Carbonator now you can have an ice cold soda without having to pack all the weight of a 6 pack. Beer is coming soon too!


  • Eco friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Did I mention you can make your own soda?


  • Takes a little bit of practice to learn.
  • Company response to emails is slow.



It's been a long hot hike and now it's time to settle down, camp is set up, sun is setting and the moon is rising. Suddenly you wish you had a cold soda or an ice cold beer. Then you remember you've been drinking water from your CARBONATOR! You head down to the ice cold stream that is fed from the melting snow and begin to purify some water right into the Carbonator. In a few minutes you're sipping a Bear Foot Root Beer watching the sun set over the peaks, thinking "What a life!"

Pat's Backcountry Beverage Portable Carbonator rocks! Love having soda (soon beer) in the backcountry but hate the hassle of carrying a 6 pack of bottles? Convenient, eco friendly, and TASTY!

The Carbonator is a little smaller than a Nalgene bottle. Using the soda concentrate which comes in a pack about the size of GU, the eco2activator pack, and clean, purified water you can now conveniently make a 16 oz size soda in the backcountry. The process takes about 3 minutes once you get the steps down. (If my 9-year-old can figure it... you know.)

The Carbonator Kit (which is a starter kit for $39.95) comes with everything to get you started. The Carbonator bottle, 5 tasty and creative soda concentrates; the flavors are Terra Cola, Poma Granite Cola, Lemon Clime, Bear Foot Root Beer (my favorite), and Ginger trail. Plus 6 packets of Eco2 Activator powder and easy to follow instructions. They also have instructions on how to make your own soda concentrate! The soda concentrate is made with cane juice, contains vitamins and has natural flavors. There is nothing artificial.

There is a learning curve with this but as I stated above if my 9-year-old can figure it you should be able to as well. Practice before you go out. The company keeps pushing back the date on the Beer Concentrate. Disappointing, but I think it's due to the difference in laws from state to state. Pat's Backcountry is a small business based in Alaska according to its website.



Just a question, but wouldn't the beer have to be non-alcoholic?

2 years ago

Peter, this is from the Pat's FAQ about alcohol content:

How concentrated is it?

Very. However, not all beers have the same percent alcohol concentration. Therefore, a higher alcohol content beer will appear less concentrated because there remains a larger volume of alcohol present after most of the water has been removed. Conversely, lower alcohol beer will appear much more concentrated, because in its natural state it contains a higher percentage of water. Our process does not result in a beer that is 100% void of water. It does however, result in a beer with nearly no water content. Some of our most concentrated beers will be at a nearly a 1:15 concentrate level. Our sodas on the other hand are concentrated to approximately a 1:11 ratio (concentrate: finished beverage)

2 years ago

I should say that there are some "dehydrated" alcohols in development, so, theoretically, it would be possible to reduce beer to something close to a solid. Actually, a lot of the big brewers do something similar with high gravity brewing and vacuum distillation. Whether this produces a beer that's worth drinking is an entirely different story!

2 years ago

Yes. I love my carbonator and am curiously awaiting the beer. Of course I want to test first! Their sodas are good. Hoping the beer would be too. I'll just have to make sure my son doesn't accidentally use a beer concentrate thinking it's soda.

2 years ago

So the concentrates aren't powdered but liquid, and in a beer the remaining fluid would be alcohol not water. Okay. That makes sense.

2 years ago

Yes peter1955 the concentrates are liquid and come in small packages that look like a package of GU. At least the soda concentrates are. Haven't seen the beer yet.

2 years ago