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Great headlamp that excels in technical use. The reactive…

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Great headlamp that excels in technical use. The reactive lighting is extremely helpful at conserving maximum battery for navigation even after 11 hours of use, and it also works great for down climbing through technical terrain.


  • Reactive lighting
  • Good battery life (11hrs of up to 170 lumens)
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive
  • A little tricky to figure out the button sequence

I have had this headlamp for six months and used it for climbing, running, and camping. The controls are confusing at first so make sure a staff member shows you how they work.

It's the second of Peztl's Reactive series of lights. Reactive lighting uses a photo sensor that picks up reflected light, and ensures a precise level of light. Never too dim, and never too bright. So if you look at your map you aren't blinded, and then you can immediately look up and see distant terrain features.

Camping it's got no real advantages aside from saving money with the rechargeable batteries. It has red light, and other handy features. Nothing major though. You don't really need or notice the reactive lighting much.

Running and hiking at night this headlamp excels. The reactive lighting works very well, and one thing I began to notice after using it in the lower settings is that because it keeps the light lower, never too bright never too dim it gives your peripheral night vision a chance to adjust. The beam is also well spread out so when you look around you feel like you are getting the whole view rather than just small little circle of light.


Alpine start with headlamps

I also recently climbed with it on an alpine climb that went much later than expected. Down climbing was made much easier by the reactive lighting as I could look at my feet, and then further and get perfect brightness every time. The Core battery was also handy; when I needed full brightness to navigate I could just turn it up, even 10 hours in and get 150m of light. Enough to navigate on the cloudy night. I kept it on the lowest reactive setting though to preserve battery.

However, the promised 3 hour reserve mode of 25 lumens never occurred, and 1 hour before dawn the light just flicked off. Very annoyed by that. I have since bought a second battery to take with me.

Overall it's comfortable to wear, works well, and is useful tool for running and climbing. The reactive lighting is cool, and very handy in those specific applications.


I'm enjoying all of your gear-in-action shots, Tam! Thanks for sharing them.

9 months ago