Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit

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This is the only proven snake bite kit on the market!!!

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This is the only proven snake bite kit on the market!!!


  • Proven success
  • Strong pump


  • Cheap case

This is a very nice kit for stings and snake bites. It is the only one proven successful on the market. The others are dangerous.

The Sawyer only pumps the wound/bite area. The others use old school methods that do worse than good, like cutting the bite area and using a tourniquet. This is very dangerous.

This kit comes with everything to clean/sanitize the area, razor to shave hair in area, and a powerful pump to draw out venom/poison with numerous size cups for the bite area. I am an avid rattlesnake hunter and definitely have peace of mind while carrying this in my kit hoping I never have to use it.

A friend of mine had to use this kit on a bite to the hand and the doctors informed him that the pump probably saved his hand and arm from being destroyed from the venom. He had minimal swelling and bruising and was considered very lucky. So that's why this will always be in my pack in snake country.

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