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Extractor Pump Kit

rated 5 of 5 stars This is the only proven snake bite kit on the market!!! This is a very nice kit for stings and snake bites. It is the only one proven successful on the market. The others are dangerous. The Sawyer only pumps the wound/bite area. The others use old school methods that do worse than good, like cutting the bite area and using a tourniquet. This is very dangerous. This kit comes with everything to clean/sanitize the area, razor to shave hair in area, and a powerful pump to draw out venom/poison with… Full review

Mini Filter

rated 5 of 5 stars I like the ease of filtering and drinking. Never thought I would use a filter. Expensive, bulky, and subject to clogging, at least this is what I thought. I have been reading the blogs of a couple of AT thru hikers and the Sawyer Mini seemed to be a standard issue item. When I reordered chlorine dioxide drops I bought one of these to try. It was real nice being able to drink water at every wet spot and stream. My son and I carried used soda bottles and would fill them at a stream or small trickle… Full review

Mini Filter

rated 5 of 5 stars The Sawyer filter is a great option for filtering water for many lifestyles. Whether you are a worried about the water you drink everyday, or just an avid hiker/backpacker/adventurer who needs an affordable, reliable, and reliable solution for clean drinking water, the Sawyer Mini Filter is for you. For about 20$, you can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water! I have one in my backpack, and my car. I use mine all the time for camping trips, and I highly recommend it to friends. The Sawyer filter… Full review

Squeeze Filter

rated 4 of 5 stars Lightweight, compact, simple construction. Not suitable for all situations, or requires additional gear to make it a fully functional filtration unit. This filter works best for the average hiker/camper that will be near larger, flowing bodies of water that may require filtration. I do recommend this product to anyone looking for a small filtration setup that won't be in any dire/survival situations. I grabbed the Sawyer squeeze bag system on sale at Walmart on a whim. It was $19.99 so I figured… Full review

Squeeze Filter

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This is by far the best filter I have ever used. Lightweight, easy to use, and doesn't make the water taste bad. Effectiveness: The water comes out of the filter clear and tasteless. Speed and Efficiency: I've use pumps, straws, tablets and boiling. The Sawyer Filter is not only the easiest method, but also the quickest. Capacity: Treats enough water to use for years. Construction/Durability: The bags could be made a bit better, but I haven't had an issue with mine. I am a bit scared that they will… Full review

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