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MINI Water Filter

rated 5 of 5 stars Best product for the price. Works very well. The most lightweight water filter on the market that I know of. Easy to use and ability to filter 100,000 gallons of water! This is a handy little filter and easy to use.¬† I have used this for all my water filtering in the back country and never had a problem. I did however opt to not use the flimsy bags that come with it. I use my Platypus bags and Nalgene bottle and it works great. Lightweight, easy to use. It's great for solo hikers. I used it for… Full review

Squeeze Filter System

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Very portable and lightweight, easy to use and great for travelers. Scenario: Only water source at camp was from a stream and second time using filter. I filled up my bottle, attached filter to the top, and drank. It was also handy refilling our water bladders and took only a few minutes to refill a 2L and 3L bag. Tip: I put my Sawyer filter in a ziplock bag to prevent the filter from leaking excess water. Shake it out throughly before stuffing it in your bag or attach the squeeze bag to the end… Full review

MINI Water Filter

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Very good little filter. I have used this filter on numerous backpacking trips and it has worked well every time. Great little unit. I have used this on many backpacking trips and love it. A little research needs to be done into what the water is like where you are going. In southeastern Ohio the water is pretty clear and contaminant free, so several bags of water can be filtered before the flow slows down. In the Dolly Sods region of West Virginia the water has a very high mineral content and only… Full review

Extractor Pump Kit

rated 0.5 of 5 stars The Sawyer Extractor Suction Pump Kit is NOT an effective first aid device for treating the effects of snake envenomation. As a zoo professional-herpetology for 30 years I am familiar with first aid protocol and treatment for¬†viperid and elapid envenomation in a captive setting. Until recently the Sawyer Extractor Suction Pump Kit was considered an effective first aid device for treating the victim of snake envenomation and was standard equipment in most zoo reptile houses/exhibits. No studies… Full review

MINI Water Filter

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Hassle-free water filtering on the go. The Sawyer MINI Water Filter is imported to Europe by a German company named Care Plus. Same filter, different brand. Just saying...The package includes the filter (duh..), the cleaning syringe, the straw and a 0.5L water bag. There is no smell whatsoever from the filtered water no matter from what component it goes through. I personally like to fill in the included bag and then squeeze the filtered water into my hydration bladder. The flow is excellent if… Full review

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