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Squeeze Filter System

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great light water filter for use for up to three people. Need to be careful not to drip dirty water into the clean container you are filling. Overall very easy to use the squeeze bottles that come with the product or I have also hooked up to a Platypus bladder for use as a higher volume squeeze bottle. Good for 1-3 people:I was one of the leaders of a 10-day hike with 15 people in the group and we were using Sawyer Squeeze filters. The filters worked great. The only issue was that the camp did not… Full review

MINI Water Filter

rated 4 of 5 stars Compact lightweight water filter, easy to use, drink on the go, great for when you are on a river or lake. Used this for two years so far, backpacking and river rafting. Bags¬†last me about one year. Sorry, I didn't keep track of how many gallons I filtered, but I go out on overnighters every month with several weeklong trips throughout the year. I "upgraded" to the 32oz bags when the small ones wore out. One should always carry an extra bag just in case. It's also nice if you have a hike from camp… Full review

MINI Water Filter

rated 2 of 5 stars Worked well until the water pouch bursted. Then it became rather useless. When it worked, it worked really well. It takes some time to get your water, but this is a light and inexpensive system, so a tradeoff I was willing to make. Without a warning, my pouch bursted and I could no longer use the filter. This was after about 200 litres of filtered water. Full review

MINI Water Filter

rated 3 of 5 stars Taste and clarity are a plus for solo packing. The Mini Sawyer is all right for an individual solo packing to conserve weight and space. Simple to use. Filling up the provided bladder is challenging in seeps trying to refill a 3-liter bladder and Nalgene bottle. Typically this took over 30 minutes to replenish water storage. The bladder gave out at the seam making the filtering of water dependent on someone else's used 16oz bottle which the threads did not match. Back flush takes time and requires… Full review

Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent

rated 4 of 5 stars Sawyer Permethrin insect repellent is a proactive way to take action before you get into the bugs that is effective and easy to apply. Let me first say that I received my Sawyer Permethrin as a gift for being a past Reviewer of the Month¬†here at Trailspace. As far as bugs go, I think I am average when it comes to how attracted mosquitos are to me compared to other individuals like my wife, who tends to be a mosquito magnet. My normal approach is that when I get into an area where I am starting… Full review

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