Sierra Designs Flashlight 2



Great concept that needs more work. I bought this…

Rating: rated 2 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $207


Great concept that needs more work.


  • Innovative design
  • Able to substitute trekking poles
  • Roomy


  • Loose pitch
  • Flaps like a mainsail in even light to moderate wind

I bought this tent after reviewing various choices online. I had also owned the previous Flashlight and really like it.

When I set the tent up I immediately realized that there is a serious design problem. The issue is that it is impossible to get a taut pitch on the tent body. Since this also incorporates the "fly" in that it is a single wall roof, the tent droops and sags and there are depressions in the fabric in the lower part of the roof that will be susceptible to water puddles that would further depress the shape of the tent.

This is too bad in that I really like the design of this tent. Being a single wall hybrid, I was willing to live with some condensation but feel the deficiencies of the pitch were unacceptable, so I returned the unit.

Another issue is how the tent reacts in even a light to moderate breeze which, at the time I set the tent up, caused much flapping and tent body movement. Of course, if the tent pitch was more taut, this would have been less of an issue, but the tent has a large surface area in front that would catch the wind even with a taut pitch. I feel this can be overcome, however, by site location changing the setup (there a couple of different setup options) and careful guy-outs.

Although I returned the item I would definitely consider purchasing again once Sierra Designs further works out the kinks.