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Bern Baker

rated 4 of 5 stars The Original Bern Visor Lid. Baker Hard hat used for all seasons mainly safety gear used for skiing and snowboarding. Designed for non-motorized action sports. Comes in many colors with visor. HAPPY TRAILS...It gets slippery out on those trails so use protection and wear a helmet! The shell or outer layer of the helmet, is a rigid surface and protects the head from sharp objects, knocks and abrasions. Works well with any goggles, the plastic handle lifts up and keeps the elastic on your goggles… Full review

POC Receptor Bug Adjustable Helmet

rated 3 of 5 stars Keeps your head safe, but seems to lack a few pieces that could make it better. Overall it's a solid helmet that does what it's designed to do, that being keep me safe. However it seems to lack the extras which could be expected from a helmet in its normal price range. The ear flaps don't sit snug on my ears and in order to get them even close I have to have the chin strap uncomfortably tight, this makes it so even on the warmest days I still have to wear a buff over my ears. That's the main drawback… Full review

Bern Muse

rated 5 of 5 stars Works very well from early season to late season. Everything I want in a helmet. Fits me great, even though I'm a boy :) Full review

Salomon Ranger Custom Air BT Helmet

rated 5 of 5 stars The Salomon Ranger Custom Air BT helmet is the best helmet I have used as yet. The features of the bluetooth are excellent and the sound is great. When you are on the slopes and one of your buddies calls you on the phone you can take the call with a press of a button without stoping etc, great feature. Music playing is a great feature from bluetooth tec skip trac ect from Skullcandy. But if you break the product, as I have, you can't seem to get spare parts from Salomon. This is not good ????? Full review

Pro-tec Unisex Classic Snow Helmet

rated 4 of 5 stars Simple and effective lid with understated utilitarian style. The Pro-tec Classic snow is pretty basic, but I like that. The version I've got has a matte finish, which makes it even more understated. There is a good range of great colours with contrasting chin strap. The design doesn't seem to change much each year which suggests it is pretty dialled. The vents work well to avoid overheating and the padded ear guards can be easily removed on warmer days. The goggle retainer strap at the back is well… Full review

Bern Macon

rated 4.5 of 5 stars An economical skid lid with good fit and ventilation. Mount Saint Helens After watching me ski and reviewing our life insurance coverage my wife decided that I should wear a ski helmet. I dutifully forked out the green for a lid to protect her investment and have worn it whenever I ski.  The biggest issue I had with helmets is ventilation. They might have vents on the shell, but they never reach the lining; they are just for show. This one ventilates nicely and has a wicking liner to keep my melon… Full review

Giro Nine.9 Helmet

rated 4 of 5 stars An excellent helmet that has served me well in all weather conditions. It is light on the head, warm, and far more comfortable than a hat. Plus, it works well with many sets of goggles — no need to buy a special type! I was a bit reluctant to get a helmet for skiing, but it has been a few years with this one, and I'd not go back to a hat. For one, gone are the itchy heads of a hat. The helmet is warmer, feels lighter, and does not obstruct visibility at all. It works very well with my goggles. Full review

Smith Unisex Variant Brim Helmet

rated 1 of 5 stars Although it is lightweight and fits well, the design of the adjuster damaged my jacket. Although the adjusters do not appear to be sharp, your natural head movements make their design dig into the top of any jacket with a high neck and gradually thread them.  Once used, you will not be able to obtain a refund and Smith denies that anyone else has had a problem. Be warned! Full review

Top-Rated Snowsport Helmets

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user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Bern Baker reviewed Apr 24, 2014
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
POC Receptor Bug Adjustable Helmet reviewed Dec 29, 2013
$90 - $155
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Bern Muse reviewed Nov 2, 2013
$60 - $119
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Salomon Ranger Custom Air BT Helmet reviewed Feb 3, 2013
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Bern Macon reviewed Jan 3, 2013
$42 - $65
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Giro Nine.9 Helmet reviewed Dec 20, 2012
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Pro-tec Classic Snow Helmet reviewed Feb 1, 2013
$42 - $65
user rating: 1 of 5 (1)
Smith Variant Brim Helmet reviewed Dec 24, 2010
Smith Pivot MIPS Helmet
Anon Lynx
Smith Pointe Helmet
Marker Phoenix Otis Helmet
Smith Gage Helmet
$48 - $80
K2 Thrive Helmet
Bern Brighton
$34 - $89
Smith Voyage Helmet
$78 - $129
Giro Era Helmet
$60 - $79
Giro Flare Helmet
$108 - $180
Smith Camber Helmet
$84 - $130
POC Frontal Helmet
Pro-tec Kensington Helmet
$78 - $107
Marker Ampire Helmet
Atomic Troop
$48 - $53
Mammut Alpine Rider
Smith Compass MIPS Helmet
Anon Nelson Helmet
$97 - $149
Anon Keira Helmet
$84 - $90
Giro Shiv 2
Anon Griffon
Salomon Aura C. Air
Atomic Mentor LF
Giro Edition
Bern Kingston Helmet
Salomon Quest Helmet
Smith Variance Helmet
$108 - $180
Bern Rollins
$78 - $79
Anon Wren
$55 - $71
K2 Route Helmet
$99 - $149
Giro Sestriere
POC Receptor Backcountry Helmet
$93 - $260
Smith Aspect Helmet
$70 - $100
Pro-tec B2 Snow Helmet
Salomon Icon Custom Air Helmet
Salomon Phantom 10 Custom Air Ski Helmet
Giro Montane Helmet
$78 - $129
Salomon Brigade Helmet
Giro Surface S
$51 - $83
POC Receptor Bug Communications Helmet
$165 - $191
Bern Berkeley
Salomon Hacker
$60 - $71
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