Slumberjack Latitude -20°F


fall 2010 regular long
Weight 6 lb 1 oz / 2700 g 6 lb 6 oz / 2890 g
Fill weight 4 lb 8 oz / 2000 g 4 lb 12 oz / 2200 g
Temperature rating -20 F / -29 C
Fill Slumberloft synthetic
Shape mummy
Max user height 6 ft 0 in / 180 cm 6 ft 6 in / 200 cm
Shoulder girth 64 in / 160 cm 68 in / 170 cm
Hip girth 60 in / 150 cm 64 in / 160 cm
Foot girth 48 in / 120 cm 52 in / 130 cm



I have used it extensively in every type of weather,…

Rating: rated 2 of 5 stars
Design: mummy
Fill: Slumberloft HQ synthetic insulation
Temperature Rating: -20 F
Weight: 2.6 kg
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $70

I have used it extensively in every type of weather, except very cold ones. The temp rating is way overrated. The last time when I was in an expedition tent set up around 2000 m in the mountain, I took everything off except my underwear and a long sleeve 50% wool military top and the corresponding bottom, then slept inside this bag.

The temp got down to -0.5° C. My pad, although 12 mm thick, was not so good, so it was right before the sun up, I started feeling the cold from underneath. It was not that bad, but not under-estimable either.

Oddly, my feet never got cold. I kept changing my position until I got up. I do not know, under a better pad and with a little more garment on, how it will perform. I have the long one. I compressed it in an XL size stuff sack. It does compress, but do not expect a miracle. Even inside the stuff sack, it filled so much space in my bag that I could not organize properly; heavy as well.

It is not bad for a $70 bag, however, do not count too much on it under freezing temperatures.

Paul W.

Thumbs up, but don't say you have used it in every type of weather. 30F is about the limit of this bag, as you have noted.

2 years ago

This bag is dangerous. It only has about an inch of…

Rating: rated 1 of 5 stars
Design: mummy
Fill: proprietary synthetic
Temperature Rating: -20F
Weight: heavy
Price Paid: $60

This bag is dangerous. It only has about an inch of top loft. Wearing mid-weight wool long johns, a fleece skull cap, and thick wool socks (everything bone dry), and sleeping on a full length ensolite pad 3/8" thick, I got cold at 40F on a clear dry night in this bag.

I am a cold sleeper, but this is a 60 degree rating error and is unforgivable. Someone is going to buy one of these and head out into serious cold believing they are protected and die of hypothermia. Don't be that person. Avoid Slumberjack bags like your life depended upon it.


Bag lives up to its name. People who contest otherwise…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $59


Bag lives up to its name. People who contest otherwise are not dressing appropriately (overdressing) and should find other activities than outdoor ones.


  • Keeps you warm
  • Lets you sleep

This bag keeps you warm. Some writers have indicated that it is overrated. ALL bags are rated for ideal conditions and are thus overrated for some activities. ALL.

Bag is comfortable, loft holds up well. NOTE: you cannot overdress and use a bag that is designed for this low of a temperature. The more you wear, the more you will actually sweat. Sweat leads to evaporation, leads to cooling off quicker.


This is an overweight 30-degree bag imposing itself…

Rating: rated 1 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $69


  • None


  • Severely-overestimated temperature rating
  • Poor quality control
  • Poor design

This is an overweight 30-degree bag imposing itself as a twenty below bag. I have never before seen such a mis-representation of a product without a company being sued or forced to recall its product.

The problem is three-fold:

  1. Top has about 1" of loft, as noted by another reviewer (a -20 bag needs to bulge in the middle, not sag).
  2. Draft tube is not wide enough and not filled enough (it is a fairly-flat, 2" wide piece).
  3. Zipper catches and snags, not on the draft tube, but on the bag itself, ripping and shredding the only thing between you and the out-dated Slumberloft filling.

Summary: if you go camping in -20 weather with this bag, you will die.

Gone are the days of great Slumberjack, U.S-made bags, with double, zip-down draft tubes and trapezoidal design.


I use this product and had no problems. I think -20…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Design: mummy
Fill: synthetic
Temperature Rating: -20
Weight: 7lbs
Price Paid: $65

I use this product and had no problems. I think -20 is overrated but I have no problems at zero, outside temp was 0 with a 30-35 mph wind all night, on my last trip. I have a nice pad with a rating of R-4. We got 10 inches of snow on top of that. Tent temp (Hight Peaks Col.) was prob 20 Deg. warmer then outside with 2 people.

One problem was the zipper. You have to be very careful as it tends to snag on the baffle. Another problem is it takes up 1/2 my backpack, but overall it works well for me. The secret is having a good pad in the winter, and stying dry.

Paul W.

I find it hard to believe that you survived 0F in this bag.

2 years ago

Slumberjack Latitude -20°F


The Slumberjack Latitude -20°F is not available from the stores we monitor. It was last seen June 1, 2015 at SunnySports.

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