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Timberjack 0

rated 5 of 5 stars Big, wide, roomy yet retains heat very well. Very warm and toasty. Did I mention big? I ordered this and went camping with my two dogs. I have been camping before and so has my one dog. But not for a few years. I ordered in a number of things for camping after quite a bit of burrowing through research, comments, reviews, recommendations and personal comments before deciding I wanted to go with a rectangular bag because of the way I sleep and knowing I would use it for primitive car camping (with… Full review

Latitude -20°F

rated 5 of 5 stars Bag lives up to its name. People who contest otherwise are not dressing appropriately (overdressing) and should find other activities than outdoor ones. This bag keeps you warm. Some writers have indicated that it is overrated. ALL bags are rated for ideal conditions and are thus overrated for some activities. ALL. Bag is comfortable, loft holds up well. NOTE: you cannot overdress and use a bag that is designed for this low of a temperature. The more you wear, the more you will actually sweat. Sweat… Full review

Esplanade +20ºF

rated 4 of 5 stars The style and construction is great, however I wish it would compress more than it does. Very lightweight. The collar feature is great. I have slept in 40 degree weather in just a tee shirt and shorts and was actually too warm. Had to unzip! Great bag for camping trips, but not suitable for fitting in to a backpack for more than three-night hiking trips. Full review

Slumberloft Camp Pillow

rated 2.5 of 5 stars A pillow that is worth the price and not much else. Its best feature is its quietness. This is a prime example of getting what you pay for. I originally purchased this as a last minute addition to my pack prior to a mid-summer three-day trip when the weather was forecasted to be very hot and very humid (>90F with 80-90% humidity). Before that trip I typically just bundled up a fleece layer I had to use as a pillow. Because of the forecast on this trip, I knew a fleece layer wasn't needed and… Full review

Latitude -20°F

rated 1 of 5 stars This is an overweight 30-degree bag imposing itself as a twenty below bag. I have never before seen such a mis-representation of a product without a company being sued or forced to recall its product. The problem is three-fold: Top has about 1" of loft, as noted by another reviewer (a -20 bag needs to bulge in the middle, not sag). Draft tube is not wide enough and not filled enough (it is a fairly-flat, 2" wide piece). Zipper catches and snags, not on the draft tube, but on the bag itself, ripping… Full review

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