SmartWool PhD SmartLoft Divide Vest

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It seems brain surgeons and rocket scientists get all of the accolades when it comes to doing smart stuff. The Smartwool Men's PhD Smartloft Divide Vest is neither, looks good on both, and has technical smarts to spare. When the forecast seems sketchy and you're heading out the door for a full day on the trail, the Divide Vest leaves all of your options in tact. Trail running, hiking, and Nordic skating get your heart pumping and muscles working. This semi-fitted vest lets your arms breathe without turning on the headlights. The quilted nylon up front won't fall prey to spits and drizzles due to the DWR finish. The boxy baffles hold lightweight merino insulation steady and prevent shifting. Cold spots on your tummy take away from an otherwise lovely outing, and staid insulation takes this worry away. MerinoMax constitutes the remainder of the vest, giving the humble sheep its due nod. Merino is nature's thermostat, regulating your body temperature via air exchange and moisture vapor management. Staying cool and dry is nice, but not having to laundry after every wear might be better. Merino doesn't let water linger, and odor-causing bugs needs water to live. Without water, no bugs, and no stink on your vest. You, on the other hand, still need to shower. Whether you pull the Divide over a thermal baselayer or slip it under a rain jacket, your whole core will stay warm. -