Smith Chamber

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Description of Smith Chamber Sunglasses - Dark Ale Polarchromic Copper Extra-large eye coverage, crystal-clear vision, total Polarized protection are the hallmarks of the Smith Chamber Sunglasses. A Grilamid TR90 frame provides the gold standard platform for active sunglasses, while hydrophilic Megol on the nose and temple pads ensure a comfortable non-slip fit. When you curve a lens it can bend the light passing through it and distort what you see. Smith Tapered Lens Technology contours the thickness of the lens so that light travels through without disortion. What you see is what you get. The Smith Chamber has a Polarchromic copper lens that is ideal for bright to medium conditions and increases depth perception while maintaining a soothing effect on the eye in a variety of conditions. Linked to eye diseases, cataracts, and temporary conditions such as snowblindness, Ultraviolet Radiation UVABC is magnified by snow-covered surfaces. All Smith lens tints protect your eyes from 100 of these harmful forms of solar radiation. See clear and precise with the polarized performance of Smith Chamber. FeaturesTR90 Grilamid frameTLT Techlite glass lensesLarge fit100 UVABC Protection Polarized - US Outdoor Store