Snow Peak Titanium Colored Spork

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Tired of your friends steeling your favorite spork? Now claim your color and your Spork. The Snow Peak TItanium spork is the ultimate light titanium cutlery. This multi-functioning spoon/fork allows you to carry and clean less. A hole in the handle is convenient for hanging or attaching to other cutlery. But be warrned, with these new vibrant color, you may be fighting you friends from theft even more. These have a NON-paint coloring known as Electric Ionization Process. The result is pigment, chemically bonded to the titanium for a safe vibrant color. Over time the color may fade with use as you scratch and wear down the titanium. - RockCreek


Weight .6 oz
Material Titanium
Dimensions 6.5 in x 1.6 in

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