Stanley Classic Flask 8oz.



Whew doggy! This is a man’s flask right here. Looking…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $20

Whew doggy! This is a man’s flask right here. Looking at this flask would bring a tear to your old man’s good eye. One big swig from this guy and you are likely to go punch someone in the face.

I bought the classic style pattern Stanley Flask to take a large amount of adult beverage hiking with me. Filled this guy up. Stuck it in the freezer for a day then stashed it in my pack. Hiked a couple hours, then mixed up some mean gin and tonics for me and my hombre.

As a long time flask user, this flask is not shaped well for concealed carry, but is intended for the long haul adventure. You go to the mountain, cut some wood, take a hit from the flask and repeat. Simple as that.

Bottom line, it looks mean, and it performs even meaner.