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Mountain Vacuum Coffee System

rated 5 of 5 stars Makes fine coffee in a compact unit workable in a domestic setting or campground, but a tad heavy for a long backpack. My unit is now in use as my regular coffee maker. I will use it in the same manner on camping trips and possibly on backpacks where weight is not a big deal. The brewing pot and press surround a vacuum bottle which has tricked out lid assembly with two plastic drinking cups and a container which can hold coffee grounds for about two brews or sugar ad creamer packets. All in all,… Full review

Mountain Compact Cook Set

rated 4 of 5 stars For a person who likes a large cook pot and doesn't mind a little extra weight, this may be your new favorite. I admit that I am a cook pot gear geek. (I would rather collect cars and motorcycles, but this will have to do.). When I see something inexpensive that looks like it may be nice to have around, I will pick one up. Stanley's new Mountain series uses imagination to make well nesting, full functioning products.   Total weight on this set including spork is 13.85 oz.  If you are a kid or… Full review

Adventure Cook Set

rated 3.5 of 5 stars A wee bit on the heavy, but built to last for years. I got it because of budget, but it has been great. It is a little heavy, but with the two cups that come with it I still have enough room for my MSR Folding Spork. I can take out the cups and use it to hold my stove. Being stainless steel it does take time to heat water longer. But you don't have to be worried if you drop it. And as one of my Scouts pointed out, "You can use it as a weapon to kill the mice in shelters. HA HA."  The folding… Full review

Adventure Camp Cook Set

rated 4 of 5 stars Well worth $15. Great pot if you're on a budget. It's not an ultralight cook set so treating as such will only disappoint you. The pot is 6.5 oz, lid 1 oz, and the cups 2.8 oz each. The handle of the pot is very sturdy. Looking for a way to replace it with something more minimal to cut weight. I usually leave the lid and cups at home and use foil as a lid and a small styrofoam cup for coffee. Using the pot in conjunction with a Fancy Feast alcohol stove and it boils up fine. The handle is far enough… Full review

Adventure Camp Cook Set

rated 5 of 5 stars This is simple and effective for my uses. Not too heavy. If you want a durable decent cookset for one that's not too expensive this is for you. I really like this cookset for boiling water for dehydrated meals. I use it for backpacking. While not ultralight it's fairly light at 10.5 oz with 1 cup in it.  I only use 1 cup as this is for me. A PocketRocket stove, lighter, and 2 coffee "singles" bags fit inside with ease. Which is how I carry it on a weekend trip. Easy to clean. I also like the… Full review

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