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Jetboil Maintenance Kit

rated 5 of 5 stars There isn't much to say about a product like this. If you need it, it's a great thing. If you don't need it, then there is nothing to say about it! I recommend this to anyone using a Jetboil stove. At the very least, have one of these around "just in case". While I agree with the other reviewer that you should always have a spare in case you break one... I do not believe that is justification for giving a product a 2 ½ star rating... Are you rating the product, the part that failed, the process… Full review

Jetboil Maintenance Kit

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Always have a spare at home. I have broken one on my stove a few years ago. Full review

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Jetboil Maintenance Kit
Optimus Hiker+ Extensive Repair Kit
Soto Ignitor Repair Kit
Primus Fuel Pump Maintenance Kit
Optimus Spare Parts Kit for Nova and Nova+
$15 - $24
MSR WhisperLite Maintenance Kit
MSR Annual Maintenance Kit
$15 - $29
Optimus Spare Parts Kit for Svea
Optimus Multitool Nova & Nova+
Soto Muka Generator Replacement Kit
MSR XGK-EX Expedition Service Kit
$28 - $30
Soto Muka Maintenance Kit
$22 - $26
MSR SimmerLite Expedition Service Kit
Optimus Spare Parts Kit for Nova, Nova+ and Hiker+
MSR DragonFly Expedition Service Kit
$22 - $29
MSR WhisperLite & WhisperLite Int'l Expedition Service Kit
Coleman Xpedition Maintenance Kit
$13 MSRP
Coleman Feather 442 Maintenance Kit
$15 MSRP
Primus Gravity Maintenance Kit
$26 MSRP
Primus Gravity II MF Maintenance Kit
$30 MSRP
Primus VariFuel Maintenance Kit
$36 MSRP
Primus OmniLite TI Maintenance Kit
Primus MultiFuel Stove Maintenance Kit
$36 MSRP
Primus Eta MF Maintenance Kit
$30 MSRP
Snow Peak GigaPower Stove Maintenance Kit
$13 MSRP
Primus OmniFuel Maintenance Kit
$30 MSRP
Optimus Nova Service Light Kit
Brunton Optimus Nova Maintenance Kit
Primus ErgoPump Maintenance Kit
Coleman Xtreme Maintenance Kit
Coleman Apex II Stove Maintenance Kit
Coleman Feather 400 Maintenance Kit
Coleman Peak 1 Multi Fuel Stove Maintenance Kit
MSR Rapidfire Maintenance Kit
Brunton Lander Maintenance Kit
Brunton Vapor Maintenance Kit