Tarptent Scarp 2


Weight 60 oz / 1.7 kg
Floor Width 52 in / 132 cm
Floor Length 86 in / 218 cm
Floor Area 31 ft2 / 2.9 m2
Interior Height 45 in / 111 cm
Sleeps 2



This light 2-person tent is roomy and easy to set…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: factory price


This light 2-person tent is roomy and easy to set up. With two doors and two vestibules there is plenty of venting when weather permits. The inner tent options and crossing pole options make it a 4-season tent if desired.


  • Plenty of room for two (or 3 "consenting" adults)
  • Fast to set up
  • Options available for 4-season camping
  • Relatively light for a ROOMY 2-person tent
  • Good guying options


  • Vertical end panels can catch high winds
  • Minimum 6 stakes needed
  • The 2 roof vents could be larger (wider) for this size of a tent

This Tarptent 2-person tent is all silnylon for light weight. The quality and design features make it one of the best 2-person backpacking tents available. 

In a pinch the tent is large enough for three ("consenting" ;o) adults sleeping head-to-toe. See Tarptent website photo. Otherwise plenty of room for two people's winter clothing and sleep systems.


  • As mentioned the two doors/vestibules are the best vents, weather permitting.
  • The roof vents and end vents can be left open in all but the very worst of rain or snow storms. 
  • The option of completely mesh inner tent means good venting in summer use. 
  • The ripstop inner tent option has ceiling mesh vent panels. 
  • Vestibule main pole sleeves can be slid up and held in place with the factory keeper system for low venting in rainy weather with vestibule zipped shut.


  • Double vestibules have room to the side of the doors for packs, boots or a dog.
  • Cooking can be done in VENTED vestibules.


  • The option of a ripstop inner tent makes the SCARP 2 a 4-season "forest" tent. (Not for exposed, very windy ridges.) 
  • P1290219.jpg 
    "Winterized" Scarp 2 W/ interior X-ing poles shown
  • The Crossing Poles greatly help resist high winds and snow loads.


  • inner tent only
  • fly only
  • inner tent pre-attached for fast set-up and rainy/snowy weather setup
  • inner tent detached from fly and carried separately for better weight distribution among party


  • heavier main hoop pole from Tentpole Technology 
  • pre-prepared TripTease guy lines with Line Loc tensioners
  • Crossing Poles shortened and move INSIDE the fly for more support (See my photos, instructions and comments at Backpacking Light in the Winter Camping section for this mod.) X-ing poles rest in the original grommeted webbing but now sewn inside at the apex of the carbon fiber corner rods. This puts pressure on the corner triangles which are very strong in this type of tension.
  • top 1/2 of fly and entire floor exterior RE-COATED with a 5:1 mix of odorless mineral spirits and GE clear silicone caulk. Mixed THOROUGHLY and rolled on with small short nap paint roller then wiped down with paper "shop towels". **    **very important to wipe it down This extra waterproofing adds to the tent's life.
  • 4 fly hem stake loops sew equidistant, 2 on each side.  This prevents most fly flapping in high winds. The factory will do this for you at a slight extra cost and is, IMHO, very important.

Now my Scarp 2 can (and has) withstand 65 mph. gusts with little deformity and flapping. I'm very confident in its strength.

I've owned three Tarptents and keep coming back to them for their excellent design, great quality, and amazing customer service.


Thanks for sharing your Scarp review, 300winmag. We've got a Rainshadow 2 we really like. I'd love to see some pics of your Tarptent if you're willing to add them to the review.

2 years ago

My backpacking buddy uses a TarpTent. He really likes it, but I just can't give up my hammock.

2 years ago
Bill S

You mention recoating the floor for your winter modifications. Does the tent, then, have a sewn-in floor, or are you referring to a ground cloth that acts as a floor?

2 years ago

300winmag can tell you more about his mods, but I'll add that the Tarptent has a sewn-in floor: http://www.tarptent.com/scarp2.html

2 years ago

Bill & Alicia, I re-coatedthe top 1/2 of the fly and the outside of the black tub floor.

2 years ago

As mentioned in the review photos of the modded Scarp 2 are posted at Backpacking in the Winter Camping section.

2 years ago

I have a Tarptent (Moment DW) I got this summer, and so far am very pleased with it too. I also went to Tarptent HQ here in CA to pick up a couple options for it, and met the owner, Henry Shires. He has an impressive operation there - very neat, organized, well stocked. The versatility of his tents is impressive, considering how light they are.

2 years ago

Bill, I coated the outside of the floors of both my Tarptents. This way I don't have to carry a ground cloth to protect them.

1 year ago

But I do carry a very light piece of plastic about 2 ft. X 2 ft. to use as a small groundcloth at the entrance door where there is the most wear.

1 year ago

Excellent customer service and made in the USA! My…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $355 - $400 with the optional pole set and shipping


Excellent customer service and made in the USA! My first experience with Henry and the Tarptent staff was nothing short of excellent! The Scarp 2 is well crafted, lightweight, versatile in configuration, and spacious.

I highly recommend this tent to anyone camping as a pair and/or with a pet. Packs down small and light for those looking to lighten their load and working with minimal pack space.


  • Nice looking tent
  • Solid seam work
  • Versatile configuration
  • Huge for a 2-person tent
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent venting options
  • Free standing option
  • Quick and easy setup (once you figure it out)


  • Not free standing without optional pole set
  • Optional poles add 17 oz.
  • Super slippery material
  • Stuff sac barely holds the rolled up tent
  • Stability questionable without optional pole set
  • does not come seam sealed

I had narrowed my options down to a couple tents and I settled on the Scarp 2 for a several reasons, but the one that pushed me over the edge was because I had emailed Tarptent with a few questions and literally within a couple hours I had received a phone call back and had all my concerns tended to. There were other things but that was a big deal for me.

Now for the tent. I received the tent within a week of ordering, as it was in-stock.

What you get: You have a couple options with the Scarp 2; There are two interior bodies you can choose from: a solid body with minimal mesh for 4-season, or the mesh body for 3-season (all mesh except seams and floor) this is the option I went with. The sil-nylon fly; this comes clipped to the body so its a one piece set up. Six super light Easton aluminum stakes, and all the necessary guy lines are integrated into the tent. And a sil-nylon stuff sac. Optionally you can order carbon fiber poles, an extra set of poles for stability and freestanding feature, as well you can order both interior bodies if desired. They offer seam sealing kits, ground cloths etc.

Setup: Initial setup is tricky, but once I figured it out I have the tent pitched in around two minutes or less. Once guyed out the walls are taught, the bathtub floor sits high enough to protect from splashing. Add on the optional 2-pole set and the tent opens up even more and becomes free standing.

Ventilation: There are several options for ventilation; Two rigid vents at the peak with Velcro and clips are the first vents you see, at both zippered vestibule doors there is shock cordage with clips to pull up the entire wall a few inches to vent, along with small zippered vents with similar cordage on either end.

Interior space: I set it up initially to seam seal the body with my buddy who purchased the Double Rainbow. I am 5'8" 160# he is 6' 220# and we fit in there with enough room to put packs etc. I bet 4 people could sit and play cards in there albeit snugly, but totally doable.

The claimed floor area is 31 square feet. Most 2-person tents are around 27-29. Vestibules are a little on the small side but still give you an extra 19" from the body to the fly. The cabin style design give ample headroom even near the walls. No worries about bumping the tent with your head during the night.

Packing/Storage: Packing this tent is easier than putting it up, which as most of you know is not the case with many tents. Getting them back into the stuff sack is near impossible. Pull the stakes, remove the usually single ridge pole and roll it up. Yeah that's it!!! To give you an idea of packed size. The packed tent (not counting the extra 2 poles) fits in the exterior mesh pocket of my Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 (soon to be reviewed) :) I will post measurements with my field pics.

Work in progress will finish and add pics asap!!!

The Scarp will be making a 3-day 2-night trip the 4th weekend, so I'll hopefully have lots of feedback.


Thanks for sharing this, Justin. I'd love to see some pictures in the field once you have the chance.

2 years ago
Danny Wang

I NEED a Tarptent!

2 years ago

Nice write-up, Justin. I've been wanting a Tarptent for quite some time now. The space to weight ratio is pretty awesome.

2 years ago

Tarptent Scarp 2


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