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Recent Trail Running Shoe Reviews

La Sportiva Men's Mutant

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A versatile shoe, that can be useful to both sky runners and lightweight treckers. Can be a good choice for whoever wants to be agile while hiking or looks for stability during a run in the mountains, providing a good balance between comfortability and grip. The Mutant by La Sportiva are low ankle shoes presenting themselves as a good compromise between stability and lightweight, thus being a good choice for who is looking to be a fast hickers or to have some more protection during runs in the mountains. Full review

New Balance Men's 806

rated 5 of 5 stars I can't tell you how many thousands of miles I have on these shoes. I've been running in them for at least 15 years and they're still holding up strong. I bought these shoes from Dunham Sports in Wonderland Mall, Livonia, Mi. I don't recall the exact year, but the mall officially closed in 2003 and I know there were still a bunch of stores up and running when I got them so I'll guess 1999 to 2001 maybe. I've run countless miles in these shoes every year since then, and while I don't run full marathons,… Full review

Altra Men's Superior 2.0

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Lightweight, comfortable, fast drying trail shoe with limited durability and support. Comfort and Support The Superior 2.0 is a very comfortable, lightweight, zero drop trail running shoe that I used for running, backpacking, and currently as a backup or water shoe. The fit is very comfortable. The wide toe box is standard in Altras and contributes to an out of the box comfort that I haven't found in any other variety of trail shoe.  The zero drop of the 21mm sole feels very natural and gives a… Full review

Salomon S-Lab XA Alpine

rated 4 of 5 stars Hyper specific shoe for fast scrambles and technical running. Overall these are a pretty hyper specific shoe. If you're looking for a lightweight approach shoe that has superior weather resistance that you can run in for sky running, or fast and light scrambles this is the shoe. For everyday use it's not much good, but nor is that what it was designed for. I've used this in summer, hiking, fastpacking, and scrambling a variety of trails and running in light snow. I've taken them on glaciers and… Full review

La Sportiva Men's Wildcat

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Very comfortable, but uppers durability is suspect. I used these for hiking/backpacking about 100 miles in hot rocky wet and dry conditions and I really enjoyed them. I did notice my foot moving sideways inside the shoes on uneven ground like on the side of a hill but that was not a deal breaker. Unfortunately I wore a big hole in the inside of the heel under 100 miles and returned. Now I have Ultra Raptors instead which seem to have more durable uppers and heel area.  Also try on Ultra Raptors… Full review

Altra Men's Lone Peak 3.0

rated 5 of 5 stars Great shoe. Use for hiking. Highly recommend. Great shoe. Normally wear a wide and the D width in the Altras fits perfect. The toe box allows the toes and ball of foot ample room. A nice mid range rigidity, comfortable and flexible but still sturdy for long hikes. Used on a 20-mile hike from valley floor of Yosemite up to Cloud's Rest and back down. Mid-foot is secure. Heel does have a bit much padding and slightly loose. Easy remedy by wear to pairs of socks. Overall an extremely comfortable shoe! Full review

La Sportiva Men's Mutant

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Not for me. Uncomfortable fit due to the last and poor asymmetric lace system and burrito tongue. I looked forward to getting a pair of Mutants as I had read so many positive reviews. So when they went on sale at Sierra Trading post I ordered a pair. I ordered a 43.5 because I have two other pair of La Sportivas and that was the size that fit. What a disappointment. The minute I put them on they were not comfortable and clearly didn't fit. So I communicated with some of the reviewers thinking there… Full review

Hoka Men's Challenger ATR 3

rated 4 of 5 stars The Hoka Challenger ATR 3 is a very comfortable trail shoe that probably has the greatest amount of cushion available in a trail shoe next to possibly hiking in a pair of Crocs. The older I get the more sensitive my feet seem to be and I find that I have a much more enjoyable time if my boots/shoes are lighter and have more cushion. If I intend to go off trail or need to wear crampons I'll always wear a hiking or mountaineering boot, but for all my hiking on regular trails I have switched to wearing… Full review

Asics Gel-Kahana 7

rated 4 of 5 stars I find this shoe to be extremely comfortable with a generous toe box, but they are falling apart after less than 300 miles. Considering the price. I almost love this shoe! I have used the Asics Gel Kahana 7's for trail running and hiking and they have performed splendidly. I have run on very steep dirt trails that would test the traction capabilities of any trail runner and this shoe held strong. They are equally good on the uphills and downhills.   I'm 6 feet, 185 lbs and I run around 8:30 pace… Full review