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Recent Trail Running Shoe Reviews

Montrail Men's Mountain Masochist

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I torture tested this shoe on the JMT for 150 miles over one 12k rock pile after another. Wear on the soles was noticeable, but they gave excellent slick rock traction. Forded three rivers, same story. They dried quickly and I never got one blister. The blister free factor was, by itself, a huge point. Cuts, abrasions, a partial peeling of the toecap and heel rubber, but everything held together until I could effect repairs. This trail is too much for a running shoe, but these held up as well as… Full review

Salomon Men's X-Scream

rated 3.5 of 5 stars A very good hybrid shoe. When I'm running my local trails, I have to run about a mile or so to get to a trailhead. That mile can be a pain when I'm wearing some of my heavier trail shoes. So, being a Salomon geek I had to go out and buy the X-Scream, if only because it was advertised as a hybrid shoe. I've now worn them several times on the trail and can say they perform as advertised—meaning they are comfortable on pavement and the tread grips well on the trail. That said, if you are running… Full review

Salomon Men's X-Scream

rated 4 of 5 stars Transitioning from road to trail is a tough thing to do for a shoe. The Salomon X-Scream does an incredible job of providing rugged support for trails yet a smooth ride on pavement. Disclaimer: I own a running store. However, I do not carry Salomon products.  The Salomon X-Scream is a new shoe in Salomon's City-Trail line that boasts itself to be a transition shoe from pavement to off-road. I have been turned off by Salomon's shoes in the past due to their narrow fit and my wide feet, but I thought… Full review

Merrell Men's Barefoot Trail Glove

rated 3 of 5 stars A very expensive water shoe that takes a long time to dry. Covers your bare feet enough to protect from the elements. The ankle material/fit allows for a lot of trail debris to get into the shoes. Breathable material on the sides keeps your feet well ventilated. I would recommend this product to those who have seasoned feet, this is truly a minimalist shoe and allows you to do more than you would with a bare foot. But the fit, minimal sole material and support is not for the weak of foot. I would… Full review

Montrail Men's Bajada

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Great fitting trail running shoe that inspires confidence on the trail. No rock plate in sole limiting factor on rocky trails. Fit: This is the best fitting shoe I have ever had on, period. I realise this is different for everybody, but here is how it fit me. I have narrow feet and with the Bajadas the heel is really nice and secure, with a quite roomy toe box that gives me enough space to never feel cramped in the front. I lace down pretty tight in the front, normal in the mid section and a bit… Full review

Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove

rated 4 of 5 stars Great minimal shoe for running and walking. Nice fit, does not constrict my foot in any way. Zero drop, pretty good ground feel, also great for slippery surfaces and off road. Due to the material my toes and heel get sweaty in this shoes. Overall a nice running shoe for the months that running sandals are just too cool or when I want more protection for my toes / upper foot. Great minimal shoe for running and walking. Nice fit with wide toe box, does not constrict my foot in any way. No break-in… Full review

Brooks Men's PureGrit

rated 4 of 5 stars Great trail running shoe for the minimalist at heart...but not in the mud. This has been my go-to minimal trail running shoe for a while now. I picked them up on sale just as the Pure Grit 2 had been released and overall...I'm happy. The most of my comments can be summed up in my pros and cons list, but I must stress just how lousy the outsole is in muddy situations. The lugs are fairly far apart, leaving lots of surface area for sliding in the wet...including slipping on wet roots. If you are primarily… Full review

Salomon Women's XR Mission

rated 5 of 5 stars These are my favorite sneaker-like shoes I've ever owned. They're super comfortable and great looking, too. First off, I got these in the Celedon/Papaya color and they are perfect. I love the color combination and they look great on my feet. I get compliments on them all the time. Now for function... This is my first pair of Salomons and it certainly won't be my last. These are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever owned. They fit like a glove from the first time I put them on. They're also super… Full review

Salomon Men's XR Shift

rated 4.5 of 5 stars These shoes are very durable and have a two-year warranty. Basically the lace up version of the XR Mission. I bought these on Amazon for under $40 after purchasing a pair of Salomon XR Missions. I loved those so much I had to have a backup especially when I found these on Amazon for half the price. If you've never checked out the quality of build and materials used to make these compared to other shoes you should. This will probably be my go-to brand from now on. These shoes are exactly the same… Full review