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I purchased these boots when I realized that my low-hikers,…

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I purchased these boots when I realized that my low-hikers, despite applications of chemical waterproofing, were definitely not going to keep my feet dry on winter hikes, snowshoeing, and during slushy spring hikes.

I decided to splurge, and shell out the bucks for these boots, and I am extremely satisfied...they are great boots, and well worth the investment (though at first the name "Snowburban" put me off...sounded too much like suburban!).


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Warm


  • Laces can be a bit slick, hard to pull tight


I purchased these boots just over a year ago, so they have seen nearly daily use from January to April, and then again since last November. There was a very brief (2-3 short hikes) break-in period, but I very quickly realized these would be very comfortable, and solid boots for me.

They weigh in at 1lb  13 oz. per boot. To me, they seem quite light, and I never feel as though I am wearing concrete blocks on my feet (as I have with some other boots!).

These boots are extremely comfortable. Initially I was concerned that they may be "too high", but the upper material has some nice flexibility, yet provides good support. They are warm, but not oppressively so; I have used them in temperatures from minus 20 (f), to 40 degrees (f), with only a light or mid-weight hiking sock.

I use the boots for Microspikes hiking on icy,hard packed snow, or shoulder-season conditions of slush/ice/mud/snow, and they provide a good, secure feeling, and my feet have never gotten wet. In the winter, I also use them frequently for snowshoeing, and they have served very nicely. The molded heel helps the snowshoe strap stay in place. There is a small d-ring on the base of the laces, for attachment of gaiters.

When I use the boots w/o snowshoes or spikes, they appear to have a good traction sole, yet do not collect lots of mud or snow on the sole.

I would certainly recommend these boots to others.



Nice review, Shelia. Thank you!

3 months ago

Thanks for the review, Sheila. I had the same initial reaction to the name. I'm glad they've worked out well for you.

3 months ago

Insulation? If so how much? Removable liner? I want winter boots with a good insulating removable liner like Sorel felt pacs or my Scarpa T3 backcountry ski boots. Liners come out at night and into my sleeping bag. In the morning I have very warm liners to use. NO frozen feet.

2 months ago
Sheila Goss

400g insulation,thinsulate, not a removeable liner. I no longer winter camp, but these are warm in temps well below zero f. for day long excursions....

2 months ago

OK, for "day boots" where you can dry them out at home overnight.

2 months ago

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