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Recent Wet Suit Reviews

Camaro Men's C1-11 4/3mm Neoprene Wetsuit

rated 4 of 5 stars I have a C1-11 from about 2008 and it has worked great and lasted me until now (2011). It did start to split in a few places, where the knee material joined the leg split apart.  Some of the seams on the inside came apart, but some wetsuit glue kept it going.   I use it for kitesurfing and it does well keeping me warm in and out of the water. I just got another one the Mundaka C1-11 from STP. for the price it can't be beat it seems to me. Full review

Top-Rated Wet Suits

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2XU R:3 Race Wetsuit
Body Glove Vapor Short Arm 2mm
$200 MSRP
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Camaro C1-11 4/3mm Neoprene Wetsuit
Camaro E-Pulsor Triathlon
Camaro FJ Freefall Kayaking Wetsuit
Camaro Mono Voltage Shorty Wetsuit
Camaro Speed Skin Overall
$109 - $172
Camaro Swim Shorty - 3/2mm
Camaro Swimskin 7/8 Overall
Camaro Titanium Hood 4.0
DaKine Ani Neo Jacket
Head Wave 2.5 mm Shorty
Helly Hansen Full Length Wet Suit
Helly Hansen Salopette
Helly Hansen Shorti Wet Suit
Helly Hansen Wet Suit Top
HyperFlex Cyclone 1.5mm Short John
HyperFlex Cyclone2
$75 - $154
HyperFlex Flow Series 3/2 mm Front Zipper Full Suit
HyperFlex Flow Series 4/3 mm Front Zipper Full Suit
HyperFlex Flow Series 5/4/3 mm Front Zipper Hooded Full Suit
HyperFlex Hot Sock
HyperFlex Polyolefin Long Sleeve Full Suit
Kokatat NeoZip Long Jane
Kokatat NeoZip Long John
L.L.Bean Superstretch Titanium Farmer Jane
$100 - $149
L.L.Bean Superstretch Titanium Farmer John
L.L.Bean Superstretch Titanium Shorty
L.L.Bean Superstretch Titanium Sleeveless Shorty Wet Suit
Neosport 2.5mm Sport Vest
NRS 2.0 Farmer Jane Neoprene Wetsuit
NRS 2.0 Farmer John Neoprene Wetsuit
NRS 3mm Farmer Jane Wetsuit
NRS 3mm Farmer John Wetsuit
NRS Bill's Grizzly Wetsuit Jacket
NRS Bill's Wetsuit Jacket
NRS Farmer Bill Wetsuit
$90 - $104
NRS Grizzly Little John Wetsuit
NRS Grizzly Rescue Wetsuit
NRS Grizzly Wetsuit
$145 - $319
NRS HydroSkin 0.5 Jacket
NRS HydroSkin 1.5 Pants
NRS HydroSkin Farmer John
NRS Little Jane Wetsuit
NRS Little John Wetsuit
NRS Radiant 3.0 Wetsuit
NRS Radiant 3/2mm Wetsuit
NRS Radiant 4/3 Wetsuit
NRS Rescue Wetsuit
NRS Ultra Jane Wetsuit
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