Wiggy's -40° mummy

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I called Wiggy to see what all the noise was about…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Design: mummy
Fill: Wiggy's Special down
Temperature Rating: -40 F
Price Paid: $360

I called Wiggy to see what all the noise was about his bags on some of the review.com areas - He explained it all. He also explained where and who was using his bags so I contacted them to see if they were satisfied and they said they were - I also contacted some of the folks who gave negative reports on the bags - after talking to them it seemed as though they were unhappy with his personality more than the product - to make a long story boring I took Wiggy's advice and got the two bags that go down to -40 after ordering a -60 bag, He talked me out of it and saved me a few bucks. The end result was it kept me warm - didn't think a bag could do that - it even got wet 3 out of the 7 nights and still kept me warm - have an "el cheapo" tent - we were in Utah snow and ice and lots of wind, had to open it in the night as i was to hot, no moisture buidup inside to cool me down either - one great bag - that is one great endorsement as I am hard to keep warm even at home.


Great sleeping bag but you need a semi-truck to haul…

Rating: rated 1 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $450+


Great sleeping bag but you need a semi-truck to haul it, anyone can make a warm sleeping bag with as much material as they use, etc. They are way overrated in consideration to their bag's weight and size.


  • Warm sleeping bag



In my opinion, it's good for winter car-camping only and their customer service IS HORRIBLE. The company is owned and operated by two outdoor junkies who are TOTALLY oblivious to professionalism.

Look at their website . . . they don't even have their return policy or return shipping address listed (PO boxes won't work for UPS/Fed-ex) and despite their so called lifetime guarantee, they make it such a hassle to return their products.

Don't buy this sleeping bag unless you see how huge it is first to see if you have enough space in your U-haul to take it with you b/c it costs a lot to ship back to them.

Very warm sleeping bag, still way over-rated product, trash-bag company management. Recommend only with lots of caution. 

Wiggy's -40° mummy

reviewers paid:
$360.00 - $450.00

The Wiggy's -40° mummy is not available from the stores we monitor.

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