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Ultima Thule

rated 3.5 of 5 stars For the price, this is a good bag, well-sewn and durable. It is roomy and comfortable and a pleasure to crawl into. I have an issue with my bag at temps under zero that I was surprised to find. The seam that is opposite the zipper side that runs from head to toe is very thin. Less than 1/4 inch of insulation can be felt along that seam. At 8 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, I experience a cold streak along this side of my bag. As mentioned above, overall for the price I am happy to keep and use this… Full review

Sleeping Bag

rated 1 of 5 stars Just got off the phone with Jerry with a problem with a 0-degree bag not keeping me warm in 35-degree weather,  So asked what he suggested, to my surprise no help with possibility of a problem with the bag. His fix was buy fishnet long underwear for 80 dollars. Too funny! OK, I will use this bag for my dog to sleep on and go buy a good bag. Full review

Super Light

rated 5 of 5 stars I've used the 0 degree Superlight down to 6 degrees, and it worked as advertised. Two, maybe three foam pads down to this temperature. I've used the same bag with the overbag to -11°F, and once again, worked as advertised. If you stuff your wet gear by your feet, they'll be dry in the morning, and you'll have a ring of ice surrounding the outside of the bags footbox Full review

Sleeping Bag

rated 2 of 5 stars Military style robustness, but not up to its temperature rating. I had the flexible temperature range sleeping system: i.e. two bags that are made to fit into each other (the outer bag has an additional zipper to mate with the zip of the inner bag). The idea of a sleeping system was the reason I bought the bags. The inner bag was supposed to be warm down to -15°C or so: i froze my ass of around 0°C. The combination of both is rated -40°C (=-40°F). I quit a trip in -15°C, because it wouldn't… Full review

Hunter Super Lt

rated 5 of 5 stars Very well constructed and warm! I purchased the Hunter Super Lt with hood rectangular, the ftrss system. I highly recommend this bag. I use it for base camps. I have not used the outer bag for hiking, but might since it is light. I recommend this product for anyone who wants a quality sleeping bag made in the USA that will last a lifetime. Customer service was fantastic. The web site spells out the return policy. The invoice also spells out the return policy — no issues at all. Answered all my… Full review

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