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I have two styles of Wiggy's sleeping bags. Two rectangle…

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I have two styles of Wiggy's sleeping bags. Two rectangle 0 degree bags and two +20 degree mummy style bags.

First, let me say what attracted me to buy the bags was that they are made in the USA. And the bags are made very well.

But I have been camping with my wife in 36 degrees and raining with the rectangle 0 degree bags zipped together and froze my butt off. When I talked to Wiggy about it he said that the bags were probably too big to keep us warm in that kind of weather.

My sons have been on a 50-mile hike in the Sierras with the +20 degree bags and they said they were plenty warm. So I would suggest if you sleep cold buy the next coldest bag that you think you would be comfortable with. If you are going to be in 20-30 degree you might want a 0° or colder bag.

I went turkey hunting and it got down to 32 degrees and I put the +20 degree mummy style in the 0 degree rectangle bag and was very comfortable. But that was me and I sleep cold.


Great sleeping bag, but you need a semi-truck to haul…

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Great sleeping bag, but you need a semi-truck to haul it. Anyone can make a warm sleeping bag with as much material as they use, etc. They are way overrated in consideration to their bag's weight and size.

In my opinion, it's good for winter car-camping only and their customer service SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.


  • Warm sleeping bag



The company is owned and operated by two outdoor junkies who are TOTALLY oblivious to professionalism. Look at their website... they don't even have their return policy or return shipping address listed (P.O. boxes won't work for UPS/Fed-ex) and despite their so called lifetime guarantee, they make it such a hassle to return their products.

Don't buy this sleeping bag unless you see how huge it is first to see if you have enough space in your U-haul to take it with you b/c it costs a lot to ship back to them.

Very warm sleeping bag, still way over-rated product, trashbag company managment. Recommend only with lots of caution.


Awesome review. I've always heard the folks on survivalist type forums raving about the wiggy's gear but their stuff always reminded me of the mi

3 years ago

Suff we used in the military.

3 years ago

Wiggy's Sleeping Bag

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