Wild Country 10mm Dyneema Sling

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Adopting the traditional name for this huge and hugely useful sling Wild Countrys superlative 10mm Dyneema becomes the basis for this popular piece of equipmentAt first received sceptically due to their emaciated look the take up of 10mm dyneema has been incredibleIn only a few short years it is now the market leader something which was not anticipated at the time of its release What this seems to show is that climbers are willing to embrace new technology which is seen to give an instant and understandable advantage and that dropping weight is the area which everyone understands Simply if your rack is lighter and your gear is the same strength it should be easier to climb better - Bentgate.com


30 cm 60 cm 120 cm
Length 30 cm 60 cm 120 cm
Weight 10 g / 0.35 oz 20 g / 0.71 oz 44 g / 1.55 oz

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