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Great instant cereal with milk breakfast. This is…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $4.65


Great instant cereal with milk breakfast.


  • Nutty
  • Tasty grains sweetened with honey
  • Sweet tasting blueberries
  • Milk mostly tastes like 2% milk (pretty good)


  • None

This is a great cereal breakfast that serves up quickly. Add hot or cold water and let stand 10 minutes and you have a sweet, healthy energy packed breakfast.  I used cold water.  The dried milk actually re-hydrated nicely and tasted pretty much like milk.  I was impressed. There are nice juicy blueberries, nuts, honey and grains in this cereal and it is actually something I would eat on the regular.  

I would highly recommend trying this out if you would normally eat this kind of cereal.  It comes in one bag with 2 servings.  One package gave me breakfast for 2 days.


Looks good, Jason. I'm not sure about the price tag though.

1 year ago
Ja. R.

I hear ya Goose. Convenience always costs more. I am sure you could make this up much cheaper if you did a big batch and broke it up. The key is finding good powdered milk. The powdered milk in this stuff tasted great.

1 year ago

Is it bad that I'm getting hungry reading this review? It actually looks pretty yummy. A lot of coin for a breakfast but it inspires me to make my own.

1 year ago

Jason, I buy a box of granola and throw in a couple spoonfuls of non-dairy coffee creamer. Tastes much better than powdered milk.

1 year ago

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