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Recent Big Wall / Aid Gear Reviews

Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling

rated 4 of 5 stars The Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling is a quality, adjustable foot tape that allows those using a Frog ascending system to set the right length for climbing rope. As with all Sing Rock equipment I have used, I find it reasonably priced and well worth considering. At the heart of a "Frog" rope ascension system is a foot ascender, with its accompanying foot lanyard. The foot ascender has two lines coming off of it. The first, is the life supporting lanyard that attaches to the harness. The second… Full review

Petzl Shunt

rated 1 of 5 stars Unnecessary, "psychological" backup. I was terrified of rappelling and ascending ropes 14 years ago. So I bought the Shunt as a "back up" in case I messed up a rappel. The Shunt connects from your harness to the rope above your rappel device. To descend, you must use your non-dominate hand to hold open the cam. If you let go, the cam slams shut, pinching the rope and halting your descent. To that end, this device works fine. HOWEVER, human nature in a fall is to grab hold and squeeze tighter. In… Full review

Singing Rock Puller Chest Ascender Harness

rated 4 of 5 stars An important part of any ascension system, the Singing Rock Puller Chest Harness is well-made and dependable. I have owned several of these units, retiring them as age requires. They are still available in climbing stores and well worth the few bucks. Singing Rock is a great company, and this is a great item to use with a Frog Ascension System. The harness keeps your chest ascender (I prefer Petzl's Croll) in place on a climb. Without it, a climber would risk the ascender disconnecting from the… Full review

Petzl Pantin

rated 5 of 5 stars Does what it is supposed to do quite well. I have been using the Patin for years as a supplement to my Frog Ascension. Normally, when you start out ascending a rope, you have to pinch the rope between your feet to get started. This is because, until you get a good 10' off the ground, there is not enough weight on the rope to automatically pull it through the ascenders. Pinching the rope with construction boots on can be a task, and a climber can expend a lot of energy in the initial ascent. The… Full review

Petzl Ascension

rated 5 of 5 stars The Petzl Ascension is the only foot ascender on the market worth looking at. Although the price is a bit higher, I have known cavers who regretted trying cheaper alternatives. If you are new to rope work, Petzl is the brand to buy...period! So, I have said the same thing on my Petzl Croll review, but in a "Frog" ascending system, the Croll and Ascension are both critical components. You can't safely have one without the other. The Petzl Ascention is the only foot ascender I've ever used for caving. Full review

Petzl Croll

rated 5 of 5 stars As a component in rope ascending, the Petzl Croll continues to be the best on the market. It is easy to use, even while wearing gloves. It holds true on wet, gritty rope. I have trusted my life to this item numerous times and will continue to do so. Petzl's ascenders are the only ones I've ever used for caving. They work right every time. I can set and remove them while wearing gloves. I literally have trusted my life with them scores of times. Petzl tends to be a bit pricier than other other brands,… Full review

Petzl Ascension

rated 5 of 5 stars I got the Petzl Ascension ascender to replace my prussik cords for jugging fixed lines. In my search, I tried out numerous types of ascending devices such as the Black Diamond nForce and the Petzl Tibloc, but the Ascension stood out as the best piece for the job. I picked the left handed version so that I switch from using the "double ascender" method of jugging to the ascender/grigri method when I got enough money to guy the grigri. I also carry it along in case I need to perform a self rescue. Full review

Petzl Quickfix

rated 4 of 5 stars Hi Friends, I use that and have good climbing times with it. In above route it is useful 100%. In traverse aid climbing it has a problem on changing the etriers. That means in traverse routes hang down from that is hard. Full review

Petzl Tibloc

rated 4.5 of 5 stars I first saw this device in a climbing mag. As a rescue tech, I/we are always looking to try out new ideas, especially when they are this inexpensive and LIGHT! The Tibloc can be used as an emergency ascender on single rope up to 11mm (I've used it on 12mm with no probs.) and also as a makeshift locking pulley for hauling systems like the Z-rig. Works best with an oval or HMS carabiner with a round body. Plus side: Super simple, can't be removed from rope unless the attaching biner is removed also,… Full review

Top-Rated Big Wall and Aid Gear

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Black Diamond Alpine Aiders Daisy Chain/Etrier
$17 - $22
Black Diamond Bosun's Chair
Black Diamond Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge Portaledge
Black Diamond Cliffhanger Hook
$12 - $13
Black Diamond Deluxe Fly, Double Portaledge
Black Diamond Deluxe Fly, Single Portaledge
$325 - $399
user rating: 3.5 of 5 (1)
Black Diamond Dynex Daisy Chain Daisy Chain/Etrier
$22 - $35
Black Diamond Etrier Daisy Chain/Etrier
$28 - $38
Black Diamond Fifi Hook Hook
$13 - $14
Black Diamond Grappling Hook Hook
$14 - $15
Black Diamond Index Ascender Ascender
Black Diamond nForce Ascender
$63 - $79
Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain Daisy Chain/Etrier
$11 - $15
Black Diamond Pecker Hook
$16 - $21
Black Diamond Pulley Pulley
Black Diamond Rotor
$35 - $49
Black Diamond Simple Fly, Double Portaledge
$160 - $249
Black Diamond Simple Fly, Single Portaledge
$149 - $199
Black Diamond Single Portaledge Portaledge
Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag Haul Bag
$97 - $119
Black Diamond Talon Hook
Black Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag Haul Bag
$135 - $169
Black Diamond Yosemite Hammer Hammer
$97 - $119
Black Diamond Zion Haul Bag Haul Bag
$165 - $219
BlueWater Ropes 6 Step Etriers Daisy Chain/Etrier
BlueWater Ropes K2 Micro Pulley Pulley
BlueWater Ropes Titan Daisy Chain Daisy Chain/Etrier
$12 - $15
CAMP Aluminum Fifi Hook Hook
CAMP Andry Pulley
CAMP Brass Bushing Fixed Pulley Pulley
CAMP Daisy Chain Daisy Chain/Etrier
$19 - $24
CAMP Daisy Chain Twist Daisy Chain/Etrier
$26 - $34
CAMP Dyneema Daisy Chain Daisy Chain/Etrier
$22 - $29
CAMP Large Mobile Double Pulley Pulley
$36 - $64
CAMP Large Mobile Pulley Pulley
$38 - $39
CAMP Lift Ascender Ascender
$40 - $54
CAMP Mobile Pulley Ball Bearing Pulley
CAMP Mobile Pulley Brass Bushing
CAMP Pilot Ascender Ascender
CAMP Piton Hammer Hammer
CAMP Pulley Small Fixed Pulley
$15 - $20
CAMP Small Pulley Mobile Pulley
$15 - $27
CAMP Solo 2 Ascender Ascender
CAMP Solo Ascender Ascender
$65 MSRP
CAMP Turbo Chest Ascender Ascender
CAMP Turbo Foot Ascender
CAMP Wing 2 Arms Pulley
CAMP Wing 2 Traveling Pulley Pulley
CAMP Wing Traveling Pulley Pulley
$90 MSRP
CMI Expedition Ascender Ascender
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