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prAna Vaha Pant

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Wow, these things are comfy and if you cover up the waistband they will pass for nice linen dress pants. I found these on sale at a major retailer and I had just discovered how comfortable prAna pants were. In fact I had vowed to wear nothing but prAna pants ever again and so I needed another pair of prAna something. I put them on as soon as I got home and was thrilled at how soft they were. But, it was 30 degrees outside and I don't turn my heater up very high so I put midweight wool long underwear… Full review

Rab Offwidth Pants

rated 4 of 5 stars A casual pant that can be used everyday without looking weird. OK for climbing though not very athletically constructed. If you want to combine something for climbing and something for work then this is a good choice. It's easy to do climbing moves though it isn't very athletic, doesn't feel like a pair of tights or anything close. With a harness it is a bit uncomfortable because it has all the features a pair of jeans has.  They are quite sturdy, good quality, and overall great value.  Full review

prAna Sutra Pant

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Very comfortable for daily use or yoga. I currently own two pairs of PrAna's Sutra Pants. These pants are extremely comfortable, but do come with a few drawbacks. COMFORT: The comfort of the Sutra Pants is precisely why I now own two pairs. These things are like wearing pajamas around all day. They are by far the most comfortable pants I own. They have proven themselves to be good pants for hiking, general use, and fishing (they flex with you and dry quickly when wet) as well as for yoga workouts… Full review

Mountain Hardwear Piero Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars Toughest pants ever owned! Super abrasion resistant, still look great after several years of serious abuse!!! 32 Long fits great for 5'10"/160lbs. I simply cannot wear these pants out! I think it was 4+ years ago I bought these, and the stitching is still holding tight everywhere! I like climbing gear for backpacking due to its abrasion resistance, and this pair of pants is the single reason I support Mountain Hardwear products. I would estimate these pants have been worn a hundred times, and gone… Full review

prAna Stretch Zion Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars Love these pants. These pants fit great and are perfect pants for any outdoor adventure. Perfect for hiking! The material is very comfortable, stretchy and breathes very well. They have an adjustable waist so you can fine tune them to your waist size.   The material is very strong and durable.  The pants also whisk water away pretty well. The water that does soak in a bit dries very fast.   They layer well in cold weather with my Patagonia Capilene long underwear. The material does burn very… Full review

prAna Stretch Zion Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars Finally a stretch pant with good fit and style. So good I don't wear any of my other pants or shorts. No more torn crotches or 18-inch high boulder restrictions. Fit is awesome. Most stretch pants are too tight; these are loose and the style is so clean I wear them around town every weekend. I did fight some blackberries last weekend and they pulled some threads loose, but hey, no pants are invincible. Full review

prAna Stretch Zion Pant

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great pant to walk around downtown Portland, tackle the slots of Escalante, and climb a few pitches on El Cap. I've literally done everything in these pants. Great overall weight for durability but amazing breathable. Small crotch holes for added ventilation and water drainage. The stretch in these pants is incredible. I've never had a move that these pants restricted me from doing. My only downfall with these pants is that prAna built in a "belt" and the metal buckle broke on me. I'm too lazy to… Full review

prAna Stretch Zion Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars It took a while to get a pair of these that fit right. I'm 72" and 155lbs. Most pants I have are 34" waist, so initially I went with the Large/32" inseam. They were a little too wide in the waist and too long (I have shorter inseam than most 72" guys). I ended up finding them at a local outfitter in Minneapolis and the Medium/30" inseam fit perfect. While I was there I tried on the Mountain Hardware Mesa convertible and a pair of Exofficio's. These felt the most comfortable and fit me the best. Full review

Marmot Estes Pant

rated 3 of 5 stars The pants are cool (temperature wise at least) and truly stretchy. I use them for climbing all the time. Mine are pretty baggy though, that might be since I had to take em with a long inseam cuz I’m 6.4. I would advise taking em in a darker color than beige. (It gets dirty quick!) Even though the tissue looks flimsy, I’ve never made a tear in em. I try to be careful but eventually I think they’ll be destroyed by bushwacking from one crag to another in the dense mixed continental forest up… Full review

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Arc'teryx Levita Pant
Arc'teryx Pemberton Pant
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$90 - $129
Black Diamond Credo Pants
$43 - $85
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Black Diamond Dawn Patrol LT Climbing Pants
Black Diamond Dogma Pants
$67 - $89
Black Diamond Machinist Pant
Black Diamond Machinist Short
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Black Diamond Poem Pant
Black Diamond Stem Pants
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
CW-Gear Vuno Series Stretch Pant
Gramicci Rockin' Sport Pant
$25 - $48
La Sportiva Ballerina Capri
$55 - $95
La Sportiva Bolt Pant
La Sportiva Chaxi Pant
La Sportiva Clipper Pant
$68 - $99
La Sportiva Crimper Pant
$86 - $119
La Sportiva Kendo Jean
La Sportiva Mantra Pant
La Sportiva Rocky Mountain Pant
La Sportiva Talus Pant
$89 - $119
La Sportiva Temple Pant
La Sportiva TX Pant
Mammut Crag Pant
Mammut El Cap Pants
$78 - $98
Mammut Massone Pant
Mammut Meteora Pants
Mammut Ophira Pants
Mammut Rocklands Pants
Mammut Rumney Pants
Mammut Zephira Pant
Marmot Addie Pant
Marmot Echo Rock Pant
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
Marmot Estes Pant
Marmot Limantour Pant
Marmot Montara Pant
Marmot West Ridge Pant
Metolius Big Wall Pant
$65 MSRP
Metolius Dyno Pant
$60 MSRP
Montane Alpine Stretch Capri Pant
Montane Alpine Stretch Pant
Montane Psycho Vertical Pant
Mountain Equipment Beta Pant
Mountain Equipment Hope Pant
Mountain Equipment Inception Pant
Mountain Equipment Viper Pant
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Mountain Hardwear Basin 3/4 Pant
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