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rated 5 of 5 stars I got my Terraplane in the mid '90s. The SEAL version not a make on it after many miles in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan. I have an 85lbs Siberian Husky that decided the right hip belt buckle and strap tasted good. Who knows where I can get it repaired? Great pack. I have had it for 23 years with no problems. Full review

K2 Longbed

rated 5 of 5 stars Dana Design screwed up discontinuing LongBed K-2. It is bomb proof, great organizing external pockets, comfortable waist strap, adjustable upper frame extension, enormous capacity. It is built to last not years but decades. If you like to take the kitchen sink this is the pack for you. It is over built and will last, I dare say a lifetime. I wouldn't sell mine EVER. There is nothing out there that could replace it. People on the trail are always commenting on my pack and want to know were to get… Full review

Astralplane Overkill

rated 5 of 5 stars Can haul heavy loads great, fits well and lots of adjustment, side and top access. I have had 130 pounds in mine, still looks new. Love this pack. I have a few others, but this is my go-to pack and it will haul heavy loads well. Had it on 5 trips in at 68 pounds and out at 110-130 pounds. Most packs don't hold up to this kind of use. Mine still looks brand new. Full review

ArcFlex Terraplane

rated 5 of 5 stars As an outdoor professional, I bought my Terraplane in 1996 through a work for trade deal from Appalachian Outdoors. It has been my only pack ever since. I have used it on every trip from Malaysia to Maine. My friends gave me a hard time spending 300 bucks on a pack, but 20 years later, I still have it. I have always believed in buying something once, even if it is pricy. I still have my Wiggy's sleeping bag and WhisperLite Internationale stove I last used to make coffee and warm a baby bottle on… Full review

Shadow Peak

rated 5 of 5 stars Bought mine in 1995. It's been all over Alaska, the Philippines, N.Y., and all my other traveling in the last 20 plus years. It is always with me. Even if I have other stuff it's the first bag packed. There are a few rips and a broken clip, but 20+! years of constant use it has stood the test of time. The best pack I have ever had. It's been literally 10s of thousands of miles in airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, buses, and on foot through rivers over mountains, jungles, and cities—just about anything… Full review

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The Dana Design brand name was discontinued in early 2006. Many of the existing Dana pack designs were re-branded and became part of the Marmot line.


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