DMM Spectre 2

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DMM were the first company to develop and manufacture Ibeam carabiners and it is this experience along with our investment in creating the best aluminium forging plant in Europe that has enabled us to make this biner so light and so versatileThe wire gate keeps weight to a minimum whilst providing an easy clip with minimum chance of it freezing or gunging up The customised gate is curved to give a constant tension for ease of clipping and increased longterm safety whilst the tip of the wire is also bent so that it pulls into the nose when under tension to minimise the chance of gate open loading The nose is also shrouded so that there is a reduced risk of the gate being knocked or dragged open accidentlyThe Spectre is available in a variety of different colours so that climber can identify items on their rack quickly and easily and all models are fully anodised to help corrosion resistanceFeatures Lightweight I Beam construction back Safer deeper basket Easy to handle back shape Generous 85mm rope radius Modified nose profile to protect gateNote that this item of climbing safety equipment is nonreturnable Please call us toll free at 8772368428 or email bentgatebentgatecom with any questions -

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