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Epiphany Cuben Fiber Quilt

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Light, small, warm, but should breathe better. I have only used this one time on a 50+ mile backpack trip. I therefore want to do some more experimenting so consider these first impressions. I really liked it on first sight as it was small and very light (and mine is a little over stuffed). The first few days were warm and I used it like a blanket (lots of side venting) and had no issues. I was glad to be carrying such a small and light quilt. When we got to higher elevations (Volgesang: I think… Full review

Epiphany Cuben Fiber Quilt

rated 4.5 of 5 stars One of the lightest 30 degree quilts around weighing in at 19 oz. This quilt is waterproof and packs down very small into its attached stuff sack. I really am impressed with this quilt. It is made to fit me. When ordering, Tim Marshall the owner had some basic questions, yet had double checked at least 3 times the measurements I was requesting. I have wide shoulders and needed a little extra material to cover me. The first time using this quilt, I¬†was very impressed. The loft was great and foot… Full review

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