Filson Tin Cloth Packer Hat

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A trusty friend that I have put out to pasture. Filson's…

Rating: rated 3 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $55


A trusty friend that I have put out to pasture. Filson's Tin Cloth Packer Hat is an unusual product in that it has the exceptional construction and quality that Filson is so well known for; yet the materials that give it such a great quality is also what ultimately fails.


  • You can trust this hat. Construction is outstanding.
  • Man, it's waterproof. Other than wearing a plastic bag, I don't think you'll be more protected from water.
  • When hat stops being waterproof, you can re-treat it and keep using it. Nice.


  • Ultimately the cloth material will shrink. I have two of these that don't fit anymore.
  • Does not breathe — at all.


This is a difficult review to write. I love Filson products, and I do love this hat. However, I won't buy the Tin Cloth Packer hat anymore as I think there are better solutions.

If you want something that's for cold weather, waterproof, provides sun, rain and snow protection and is built like a tank, you might look at the Filson Tin Cloth Bush Hat (wool lined with drop-down ear flaps).  I have one and absolutely rely on it.  I've written a review about it too.

The Tin Cloth Packer Hat is for weather that's warmer where ear protection is not required from the cold. That weather tends to be wet/humid or hot so anything that does not help in that respect probably can be left on the shelf.

Unfortunately, the Tin Cloth Packer Hat makes humidity worse as it is oil / wax treated to create the waterproof barrier. This means it holds humidity rather than breathing. And talk about uncomfortable in the direct sun... whoa! A better solution for this type of weather / humidity / temperature might be a Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research (I bought one as a replacement for this hat and it has solved the need for me).

Finally here's the BIG problem that made me stop relying on this hat: the material ultimately shrinks as it gets wet and gets exposed to the sun. I had two of them do it, so I gave them to my sons that have smaller heads than me. But I certainly cannot wear them anymore.

Hope that helps!  Happy Adventuring!


I purchased this hat at a local outdoor supply store…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Fabric: tin cloth
Price Paid: $47

I purchased this hat at a local outdoor supply store because it looked like a hat that would last. I've owned the hat for about a year now and am very satisfied with the quality craftsmanship.

I've worn the hat in rain, snow, and a whole lot of sun. The durability of the hat and its solid stitching makes it easy to take off and pack away, fold it, bend it, smash it, and put it back on. Not one stitch is unraveling, and I get a lot of positive feedback on the style as well. I can count on this hat and that's why it always goes in my pack.

The only compliant I have about the hat is the leather rim band on the hat is glued to the stitching and has come loose. This band is really just for looks but I don't know why you would make a hat so solid and then glue on the band. The rain storms have loosened up the band and i have to find a better glue to really secure it. If I lose the band in the field it really won't take away from the performance of the product just the style.

I spend weeks at a time in the mountains and this hat is a critical simple piece that keeps the sun off my ears and nose and the rain and snow out of my face. For the snow I would recommend a wool liner underneath for a little added warmth but the secret to foul weather is just good gear that keeps you comfortable and this hat qualifies.

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