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Recent Fleece Jacket Reviews

Mountain Hardwear Men's Desna Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Excellent light fleece for midlayer insulation when it's cold and windy or outer layer when it's not windy. Works well for what it's designed for. I've had this fleece for going on three years now and use it on a regular basis for everything from peak bagging to xc skiing to mountain biking to dog walking. All in Alaska, at temps from +50°F (outer layer for anything other than rain) to -45°F (mid layer while xc skiing). I think the other reviewer might have misunderstood the purpose of this jacket… Full review

Snickers 8010 Protective Fleece Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars This jacket is very good and sturdy. It's workwear, but very useful in outdoors or trekking. It is windproof, water resistant, and has good insulation properties. I love this jacket. Watch my review. Watch my review here: Full review

Patagonia Men's Piton Hybrid Hoody

rated 4 of 5 stars Like wearing super skin. I've owned this for about a year and the first time I put this on in my apartment it felt more luxurious than any other fleece that I'd worn before.  It wasn't as warm as my R1 Hoody, but I wasn't overheating or feeling itchy either (traits that I didn't like about R1).  I later tested it for the first time on a cool morning camp after waking to 40 degree temps and thought... not super warm, but glad that I had it. I've just started wearing this again over the last two… Full review

ECWCS Gen II Brown Bear Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars This is an old school fibre pile jacket made for extreme cold weather. It's not pretty, but it works! I purchased this item a few years ago to replace my old Borglite Pile jacket from the early '80s. I usually wear wool, but for travelling north of the tree line I often wear pile. Pile should not be confused with fleece; they are not the same. Whereas fleece resembles brushed flannel, fibre pile is more like wool shearling. However, because pile does not have a windproof backing it breathes much… Full review

The North Face Boys' Surgent Full Zip Hoodie

rated 5 of 5 stars Warm and versatile for general use. My son is really enjoying this hoodie. Hiking on a cool mountainside, it kept him warm head to waste. Repelled drizzling rain. Soft feeling. Stylish too. He likes that the outside pockets do not have zippers. No zippers could be a problem but the jacket has inside pockets on each side for storing things more safely and saving the outside pockets for hands. As the day warmed up, it was eventually too hot, and tied nicely around the waste. Great price too! All-around… Full review

Mountain Hardwear Mountain Tech Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars Very warm jacket. Great for any use anytime. I have worn this camping, out on dates, and even with dress clothes. I love the underarm ventilation that allows for me to not get too hot in the jacket. I bought this jacket probably close to five years ago. I was in need of a great casual winter jacket. A friend of mine had a navy blue one so I got some information about the jacket and then purchased it. Right away I knew the jacket was very different than anything I have ever owned or used. The front… Full review

The North Face Chimborazo Full Zip

rated 4 of 5 stars This jacket is a great mid-layer and truly helps keep your chest warm when it needs to be. It really is almost too warm for a lot of situations, but not necessarily a bad thing. Tight in the chest with long arms.  Keeps you very warm; a great mid layer. Full zipper is nice touch. The pocket on the chest is useless. Sometimes it makes you sweat if it's too warm or you move a lot.  Doesn't breathe great for a mid sized jacket.  Full review

The North Face Men's Surgent Full Zip Hoodie

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Thin insulation at its finest. When I spend my own money on clothes I am pretty particular about what I get in trade for my ducats. In an effort to lighten my pack and keep myself warmer I picked up the Surgent Hoodie for my spring hikes this year. This is my "far away" look. The farther away, the better I look ;) The design isn’t groundbreaking, it’s a hooded light jacket meant to be worn under a shell or alone as long as it’s not windy. What I do like about this particular item is its cut,… Full review

Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Full Zip

rated 4.5 of 5 stars You can't beat this jacket for the price. Great as a light jacket in cool temps or a mid-layer for colder temps. The only thing I hate about fleece is that I've got pets and it's next to impossible to get the pet hair out of it. That aside, I love this Columbia fleece jacket and I never, never, ever go backpacking, fishing, or camping without it! I've spent WAY more on fleece only to be disappointed the first time a campfire ember burns a hole through it, a zipper fails, or when it pilled on… Full review

Top-Rated Fleece Jackets

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REI Warm Fuzzy Fleece Jacket
Columbia Pearl Plush Fleece
Columbia Steens Mountain II
$12 - $36
Columbia Explorer's Delight Fleece
Columbia Zing II Fleece Jacket
$15 - $29
Columbia Benton Springs Printed Fleece
$15 - $36
Columbia Benton Springs Fleece
$15 - $36
Patagonia Baby Micro D-Luxe Cardigan
$17 - $35
Columbia Explorer's Delight Printed Fleece
Columbia Dotswarm Full Zip Jacket
Columbia Glacial Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
Under Armour Combine Training Jacket
$19 - $48
REI Jaya Fleece Hoodie Jacket
White Sierra Sierra Mountain Fleece Jacket
Columbia Explorer's Delight Printed Hoodie
Columbia Mom-O-Gram Fleece Full Zip
$20 - $60
Columbia Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0
$21 - $38
Columbia Benton Springs Full-Zip
$21 - $75
Marmot Flash 1/4 Zip
Columbia Steens Mountain Overlay
$23 - $50
Columbia Zing Fleece Jacket
Under Armour ColdGear Extreme Light MagZip Jacket
$23 - $112
Columbia Pearl Plush Full Zip Jacket
$24 - $29
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (5)
Columbia Steens Mountain Full Zip
$60 - $65
Columbia Dotswarm II Fleece Full Zip Jacket
$24 - $55
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (30)
The North Face Denali Jacket
$25 - $199
Columbia Fast Trek II Full Zip Fleece
$25 - $55
The North Face Glacier Full Zip Hoodie
$25 - $45
Columbia Benton Fleece Hoodie
$26 MSRP
Helly Hansen Fleece Jacket
$27 - $29
The North Face Glacier Track Jacket
$27 - $55
Adidas Hiking Fleece Jacket
$28 - $59
REI Classic Fleece Jacket
REI Greenlake Fleece Jacket
REI Ravenal Fleece Jacket
Patagonia Baby Synchilla Cardigan
$29 - $59
Columbia Fast Trek Full Zip Fleece
$29 - $50
Columbia Benton Springs II Long Hoodie
$29 - $75
Adidas Hiking 1 Side Fleece Jacket
$30 - $74
Columbia Benton Springs Rib Mix II Full Zip
Columbia Benton II Hoodie Jacket
Helly Hansen Daybreaker Fleece Jacket
$30 - $64
Fjallraven Keb Fleece
$30 - $199
EMS Apres Fleece Jacket
Burton Bonded Full-Zip Hoodie
$30 - $41
Columbia Cozy Cove Full Zip Hoodie
$30 - $90
Columbia Steens Mountain Hoodie
$30 MSRP
Patagonia Snowy Pelage Jacket
$31 - $34
Columbia Early Morning EXS Fleece Jacket
Rossignol Bonded Fleece Hooded Jacket
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