GSI Salt & Pepper Shaker

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GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker The GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker is a compact and lightweight solution for carrying salt and pepper or other spices while backpacking and camping. This camping salt and pepper shaker has waterproof screw caps that will keep contents fresh and dry, and a twin-compartment design that carries both salt and pepper in one convenient shaker. The caps and dispensing screens of the salt and pepper dispenser can be easily removed for cleaning and refilling. Keep it alongside your GSI flask when it's time for a tequila shot. I'm just saying. FEATURES of the Salt and Pepper Shaker by GSI Waterproof screw caps keep your salt and pepper dry Compact, twin-compartment design perfectly suited to carrying both salt and pepper, or other spices while backpacking Dispensing screens and caps remove easily for cleaning and refilling Ideal for use destination camping, gourmet backpacking and motorbivy SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 1 oz Material: Co-polyester Dimensions: 1.5in. x 1.5in. x 2.7in. Imported - Moosejaw