Icebreaker Cascade Vest

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Stay warm without overheating in the Icebreaker Women's Cascade Vest when you're trail running in Bend, Oregon or traipsing through ancient ruins in the Far East. This technically fabulous and snuggly soft vest uses nothing but merino wool to keep you warm when it's cold outside; if you live in a 220-square-foot San Francisco apartment and you only have room for one multi-tasking ass-kicking vest, you wont' regret being fully invested in the Cascade vest. Your associations with wool have been in itchy sweaters knit by your great-aunt Eunice, complete with poodles on the front and back. Thankfully, none of your family members were involved in creating this super-soft vest. The fleece used in the Cascade vest uses 100% merino wool, which consists of ultra-fine, and, therefore, ultra-soft fibers. They also regulate your body temperature, regardless of what's going on outside. When it's cold, the wool fibers contain millions of little air pockets, locking in body heat and excluding cold environmental air. The same wool fibers also help transport sweat vapor away from your skin to the fabric surface for rapid evaporation and cooling, and naturally resist odors for enduring freshness. And the Cascade's sporty, versatile design, with plenty of handy zip pockets, a full front zip, and a high collar, make it easy to wear with and, indeed, enhance any outfit. -