Innova Kayaks Swing 1 Kayak

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Innova Swing I Inflatable Kayak - The Swing I Inflatable Kayak by Innova is a decked inflatable boat with handsome lines that cuts through the water perfectly. Fast, light and green, the Swing I is divided into three separate air chambers for safety, using an efficient tubeless system. The hull is made of a rip-stop polyester fabric, rubber-coated on the interior for air-retention, and Teflon-treated on the outside for water repellency and stain resistance. The air-holding seams are vulcanized and permanently bonded, similar to the way in which tires are vulcanized, and each chamber is individually tested at the factory for air retention. The Swing I inflates to a higher pressure than competing bladder kayaks - 3-psi vs 2-psi - the higher pressure means that the Swing is stiffer in rough water and has a snappier paddling performance. The deck is urethane-coated with zippered access for gear storage and cleaning ease and sheds water quickly and easily. The aft zippered deck opens completely in two flaps for full access and is provided with gear bungees. The deck support system uses aluminum arches fore and aft of the cockpit opening and these arches are set crosswise and provide a deck shape and structure. The arches contribute to the stiffness of the Swing for paddling in rough water and these arches can be removed easily for a compact folded package, or left in the kayak for a slightly larger folded size. The valves are sophisticated bayonet style units set flush with the fabric surface and a pressure relief valve is installed in the kayak floor chamber to relieve possible overpressure. The Swing has carrying handles on each end, while set up time is about 5 minutes, and the icing on the cake is that the Swing is PVC free! If you are as serious about your kayaking and your environment, as you are about your fun, you should check out the Swing I Inflatable Kayak by Innova. - Outdoorplay

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