K2 Annex 118 Seth Morrison

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Seth Morrison stepped into the big-mountain skiing scene and changed it forever. Instead of hopping his way down a face, Seth made arcing, powerful turns at speed that would melt the face off a merely mortal skier. The K2 Annex 118 Seth Morrison Ski is Seth's pro model ski, and it was made to support his skiing style, as well as that of anyone with the drive to let their skis run free and fast in technical terrain. Fir, aspen, and maple lie at the heart of the Annex 118, and wrapped around this milled core are interlocking strands of fiberglass. The result is a lively flex and the sort of torsional rigidity that begins to close in on the performance and precision of a carving ski. Hybritech sidewall construction creates a durable, powerful platform that translates your edging pressure and weight shifts directly to the surface of the snow--there's no loss of energy or noodling. Even the deepest snow or most predictable corn days can turn to a mess when the weather changes, and to conquer the variability of winter conditions, the Annex 118 uses a new, longer-rocker profile in the forebody. Drive through the front of this ski and it easily transitions between turns and allows you to pivot and float in the powder, without getting hung up in chop or chunder. Tight chutes and tree skiing require the control of traditional camber, and you'll find just that directly underfoot. Tail rocker was added to improve maneuverability and allow the tail to release easily when you need to hop a turn or make a split-second direction change. K2 makes a range of freeride and powder skis, and the Annex 118 and Shreditor 120 (Pettitor) are perhaps the flagship models of the freeride skis. Each of the three Annex skis uses a directional design and get progressively fatter, with the Annex 118 Seth being the fattest. The comparable Shreditor series offers an even fatter profile and bi-directional design, but the Shreditor has a distinctly different flex than that of the Annex. Pla... - Backcountry.com

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