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Recent Long Sleeve Paddle Jacket Reviews

Level Six Bonavista

rated 4 of 5 stars This paddle jacket is completely windproof and rainproof. It keeps me warm on rainy days paddling, when I wear it over a shortie wetsuit or over a merino wool shirt and shorts. This men's jacket suits women too. It's a fairly close-fitting style, so buy a size larger if you plan to layer it over a thick sweater. Kayaking on the West Coast near Vancouver and Seattle means needing rain gear — the real thing, not cheap stuff. This jacket is listed as "Made of eXhaust 2.5-ply waterproof-breathable… Full review

Kokatat Men's Tropos Light Drift Jacket

rated 4 of 5 stars This is a reasonably priced paddle jacket, very roomy and comfortable for paddling. I use to for cool weather canoeing, and it has served me well for that use. I have room for a light fleece under it, and room for a PFD over it. Though I am a woman, I use men's jackets, as I really prefer LONG sleeves. The jacket is very comfortable to wear while paddling, even as I wear it under a PFD. The sleeves have a roomy cut, and the velcro splash cuffs are soft, and not irritating as some velcro cuffs can… Full review

Top-Rated Long Sleeve Paddle Jackets

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Bomber Gear Blitz Long Sleeve Splash Top
Bomber Gear Bomb Dry Top - Long-Sleeve
Bomber Gear Palguin Long Sleeve Dry Top
Immersion Research Arch Rival L/S Dry Top
Immersion Research Devil's Club Dry Top
Immersion Research L/S Rival Jacket
$210 MSRP
Immersion Research Long Sleeve Zephyr Jacket
$110 MSRP
Kokatat Gore-Tex Anorak
Kokatat Gore-Tex Full Zip Kayak Paddle Jacket
Kokatat Gore-Tex Paddling Jacket
Kokatat Gore-Tex Pullover Jacket
Kokatat Gore-Tex Rogue Dry Top
$449 - $459
Kokatat Gore-Tex TecTour Anorak
Kokatat Hydrus 3L Stoke Paddling Jacket
Kokatat Tempest Jacket
Kokatat Tropos Light Breeze Top
$95 - $98
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Kokatat Tropos Light Drift Jacket
Kokatat Tropos Light Full Blast Jacket
Kokatat Tropos Otter Jacket
Kokatat Tropos Re-Action Jacket
$160 - $204
Kokatat Tropos Storm Cag
Kokatat Tropos Super Breeze Jacket
$84 - $135
Kokatat Tropos TecTour Anorak
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Level Six Bonavista
NRS Endurance Jacket
NRS Flux Drytop
$181 - $324
NRS Grizzly HydroSkin 1.5 Jacket
$77 - $139
NRS Grizzly HydroSkin Jacket
$78 - $129
NRS High Tide Jacket
NRS Hooded Rio Top
NRS HydroSkin 1.5 Jacket
$72 - $129
NRS HydroSkin Jacket
$50 - $114
NRS KidSkin Jacket
$33 - $59
NRS Powerhouse Jacket
NRS Rio Top Jacket
$50 - $54
NRS Stampede Jacket L/S
O'Neill Imagine Jacket
O'Neill O'riginal GBS Front-Zip
prAna Mara Jacket
$70 - $100
Roxy High Line Rashguard Suit
Roxy Spring It On Rashguard Suit
Roxy XY 2mm Front Zip GBS Jacket
SeasonFive Phantom Full Zip
SeasonFive Siren Full Zip
Stohlquist FreeFALL Jacket
$329 MSRP
Stohlquist FreePLAY Jacket
Stohlquist FreeRYDE Jacket
Stohlquist SplashDown ST Jacket
$120 MSRP
Stohlquist Torrent LS Paddle Jacket
Stohlquist Torrent ST
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