Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag


Weight 7 lb 7 oz / 3.4 kg
Capacity 7600 cu in / 125 L
Dimensions 31 in x 18 in plus 15 in collar / 787 mm x 457 mm plus 381 mm

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Haul bags just don't get any tougher than this. Metolius was thinking "burly!" when they designed the Half Dome haul bag. The Main Seam is RF welded, forming a leak-proof seal that is stronger than the fabric itself, and all structural stitching is covered with 3" webbing and restitched for even more durability.


Want one haul bag that will last your entire big wall career' You should try the Metolius Durathane Half Dome Haul Bag. This medium size haul bag is ideal for smaller walls or a second bag for huge hauls. The Durathane material is much more abrasion resistant than vinyl-coated nylon found on most other bags. RF welded seams and a comfortable suspension system that tucks away in seconds gives this pig a nice clean profile for hauling. It won't snag on every flake it comes across. The river-bag style closure will keep the weather out of the inside where you'll find gear loops and a zippered pocket for smaller items. On the bottom is a drain hole for any spilled water and a full strength haul point for bringing along other piglets.


Haul bags just don't get any tougher than the Half Dome. Every structural seam is made redundant. Metolius RF welds the main bag seam and backs up the weld with stainless steel rivets for a waterproof seal that is stronger than the fabric itself. All structural stitching on the top and bottom of the bag, as well as the haul point attachments, is covered with 3" webbing and then re-stitched. The webbing can abrade all the way through, and the structural stitching will still be full-strength. Features: a Smaller version of the El Cap a 31" tall x 18" dia. plus 15" collar (787mm x 457mm plus 381mm) a 7600 (125 L) a 7lbs. 7oz. (3.4 Kg)


The Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag is a medium size haul bag ideal for smaller hauls or a second bag for huge walls. The Durathane material is more abrasion resistant than most other bags which use vinyl-coated nylon.

- Mountain Gear