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Salute 34

rated 5 of 5 stars One of the very best packs I've used. Carries and distributes loads well, and is made with durable materials. I can use this pack for day hikes to overnight stays. I tend to pack pretty lightweight as far as my tent and other gear is concerned so this backpack is perfect for my needs. Highly recommended for just about anyone looking for a well thought out, useful pack. Fit - I am a little over 5'10" with a waist between 33" and 34". I have a medium length torso and the pack fits very well. Easy… Full review

Salute 34

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This daypack has many features that give you the versatility to store your gear in many configurations for your next adventure. If this is your first pack I would think hard about buying it. I feel this pack is not for everyone. I like to bushwhack and follow animal trails, which sometimes have limited space areas. This pack has very strong material, but at the cost of weight, but I don’t have the fear of knocking shoulder strap off. This pack gives me the ability to care want is needed on my… Full review

Fifty-Two 80

rated 5 of 5 stars I just bought this pack and it has everything I need and more for a 12-day outing. I'm packing with 11 Scouts at Philmont Scout Ranch in N.M. We are hiking over 70 miles. This pack is light weight and will allow me to carry someone elses gear if they go down. This pack is light weight and roomy. Easy access to all of my essentials and first aid stuff used for Philmont Scout Ranch. Large enough for 12 days of camping and hiking. Great product. I would recommend it to anybody going out for four days… Full review

Fifty-Two 80

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Hands down the best pack I've ever had! Real backpackers had to have been instrumental in the design and USA made construction of this pack; every feature I've ever thought would make my life easier or more comfortable while backpacking is featured on this pack!  Every trip I've taken with this pack has resulted in a travel companion deciding they want one. Only downside is the brain isn't removable to serve as a smaller day-pack, but the pack is so compressible that this is barely a disappointment. Full review

Stacker Pillow

rated 5 of 5 stars Dual-use storage compartments which serve as an effective pillow because of microfiber on one side. Perfect for compartmentalizing clothes when packing, while alleviating the need to pack a pillow. Basically, these stacker pillows are glorified zippered storage compartments with microfiber on one side, but they are extremely convenient and, as simple as they sound, very helpful and very effective. If you have ever used a stuff/compression sack as a pillow, you've probably experienced either your… Full review

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